A Transparent “Life Lately” Post

Yes, fine, I’ll tell you about all my career moves/jobs these days! (Scroll to the bottom for a list if you’re not into reading the whole story)

I’ve been in such a spotlight over the last decade that my internet personality became my primary image to others. People forget (or never understood) that I have strategized each and every platform I am active on, and maintain a completely separate life outside of social media. I post excessively so that everyone thinks they know what I’m up to and nobody tries to peek into my personal life.

This is why I’m generally quiet about any extra jobs I’m doing (you’d be weirded out how many people ask me constantly, “aRe YoU sTiLl WoRkInG fOr VaRsItY? HoW’s It FeEl tO Be DoNe?”… when I never left??). But lately, I am too proud to only highlight the cheer parts of my life. I want to share the dream of a career path I finally have!

If you’re new to my blog, you might not know that I have been paying around $2k per month in private student loans since I was 22 years old. I haven’t complained about it much over recent years because I’ve grown into suffering silently, but I pay over $16,000 in student loan INTEREST alone each year. I’m not even halfway done 7 years later because of it– I have no choice but to be a tough, working gal. This chick’s got all the normal bills to pay, too.

So as I am still a V!ROC Choreographer full time and will always be loyal to Varsity Spirit, I’ve pursued a couple other jobs as well. The first, working as a coach for a close friend’s business, Colorado Cheerleading Development, in which I visit 1-2 schools each day of the week from the months of May-February. I’m super excited to work more closely with some teams surrounding Denver.

Quick interim note– Let us all remember that cheerleading is my gift. It is something I’ve grown up doing, spent years understanding how to teach, and somehow managed to exceed my peers in getting more reps and troubleshooting practice (old lady teaching camps for a decade prevented a lot of other top girls from taking the only elite all girl college camp spot for 5+ years). I am great at coaching and doing cheerleading skills, but my ~very expensive~ college degree is not in cheerleading.

I majored in Public Relations and minored in Fine Arts. I earned a very impressive degree that I’m paying a lot of money for. So, with the way cheerleading has helped me thrive in public speaking, branding awareness, and management of others, I felt unfulfilled ONLY doing cheerleading. I needed a passion outside of cheer that I could justify paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for. I wanted a title that I was proud to claim to those who don’t take cheerleading seriously as a profession.

I started manifesting my dream job. I imagined I’d love creating tiktok and video content for others after 8-ish months of making a @kaitlyday page. I’d pictured a remote job that would allow me to be loud on camera, to use my artistic vision, and to help others with marketing and social media. I even considered making my own social media agency to pursue while working in cheerleading as normal!

So, when the opportunity arose to work for a former boss of mine at a new marketing agency that prioritized moral values, honest guidance, and working with like-minded clients/team members, I jumped at the shot. The CEO and Co-Founder of Imprint Digital Marketing offered me the job of my dreams as Creative Director of the agency. He trusts me to guide the company’s brand and do the things I truly love, which is only encouraging me to work harder. I feel so grateful for such an incredible career opportunity and imagine big things for Imprint Digital.

Here are all the things I’m managing right now:

  • Creative Director at Imprint Digital (remote, daily)
  • Director Choreographer at V!ROC, Varsity Spirit (I make my own schedule throughout the year, and generally I travel to do choreography on the weekends as my teams know)
  • Coach at Colorado Cheerleading Development (2-4 hours per afternoon/evening coaching cheerleading at high schools in the surrounding Denver area)
  • kaitmerch designer/seller (which btw is officially an LLC now!!)
  • Personal brand content creation (as @kaitlyday on IG & TikTok are both monetized)

All while:

  • Planning a wedding since March of 2020 that is now, very quickly, approaching
  • Working out daily yessssssss we love a fit queen
  • Cleaning the house bc I work from home 🙂
  • Playing with my dog (who knew this was so time consuming??)
  • Spending quality time with my husband and friends
  • Having a freaking blast while doing it all because I’m more focused on my career and paying off debt than having kids

My life isn’t boring, to the say the least. If anything, it’s completely overwhelming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-working gal kait

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