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Cheerleading Inquiries

Let’s see if I can help your team!
I am no longer working in cheerleading as a full time profession, but I still enjoy helping cheer/game day teams (high school or college), friends, and new coaches where I can. If you are interested in having me visit a practice to teach/improve skills or choreography, please reach out to my email directly with details of how I can assist you this season.

Please note, I have limited availability in June & July. As cheerleading is no longer my primary focus, an initial request will not guarantee an agreement in coming to a practice.

How to Feel When You’re Done Cheering

You know you’ve heard this throughout your cheerleading career, “You’re going to miss these tough moments when it’s all over… you’ll want to be back at practice, back on the sidelines, back on the mat…. just one more time…..” Now we’re in has-been heaven, reliving the…

Squirrels vs. Coed

For an expected blog request involving cheerleading, the answer is a bit unique. The request was, “a cheerleading blog!! How you came to be who you are today” (aka a cheer teacher? A choreographer? A cheer marketer?). I have always been a cheerleader (all-star, high school,…

Cheer Nerves Theory

I recently spiraled into thinking about the controversial issue in cheerleading that is: the inconsistencies of skill execution in high-pressure performances. I’ve probably over-thought about this common issue throughout this 2020 season because I focused more on my profession as a choreographer, assistant coach, and judge.…


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