Fake Lashes & Press-On Nails

Surviving quarantine gave us a chance to focus on ourselves and improve either mentally, physically, or emotionally. Although no harm to those who never left the heavy drinking, non-working phase, I found myself on the opposite end of the social distancing spectrum, anxiously trying to improve in each area of life. Fake lashes and at-home manicures allowed me to feel most productive when not having to wear pants.

KISS sent me some samples since committing to head down this path, and below I have some honest reviews– I’ll be remaining a fan and loyal customer for a long while. I have become an expert at quick application for both nails and glue on lashes!

Here’s what I’ve been using (click anything to be redirected to KISS’ website using my personal link):


Eyeliner Glue is my new favorite way to apply adhesive on lashes, although the black is insanely difficult to remove on the inner eye. The clear is cleaner, but I’m usually not as careful when I use it. Apply like black eyeliner for better results!


These aren’t the press ons you had in middle school. KISS has created a flexible adhesive in the imPRESS nails that feel more like the glue on a new credit card in the mail. They stay on perfectly for about a week, only time to change if they get stuck in your hair.


In my sample box, I was able to try magnetic lashes, glue on lashes, and a specific collection, MLBB (My Lash But Better). The MLBB are a bit dramatic for daily wearers, but they’re perfect for a quick glam look. Magnetic ones are EASY for a use or two!

Please see the box of press on nails in my pocket– freshly applied in the car 🙂

I have been using these products for a bit, but worked out to create some affiliate links that help KISS see that I am creating an easy path for you guys to order any eyelashes or press on nails online. Use my links and we’ll keep encouraging better solutions with our at-home beauty products– I only hope they make you feel as beautiful and productive as they make me feel!


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