Our New Home is GOLDEN.

Our new home is my favorite place to be. Located at the start of the mountains west of Denver, conveniently between the city and the ski resorts, we’ve settled just near Golden with our sweet puppy. Here’s a little peek at our home, featuring our Hotel Collection candles/scents and emphasizing our modern aesthetic for our mid-aged adulthood.

Tanner and I have had an interesting living situation for the duration of our time together. I’m from New York, he’s from Texas. We lived in our home states when we started dating back in 2015, moved to the mid-south for a bit while maintaining long distance for almost two years, then finally committed to moving in together in 2017 (0 to 100). We rented a place in Midtown, Memphis, TN that had always been my favorite until now– but not because of the old charm of the apartment. It was my favorite because it was our only place together.

Life brought us to Colorado one year after that, and we didn’t have much time alone since then. To save money, we first moved in with another couple, moved a year later to live with 3 grown men (talk about a frat house), and then moved to a 3-bedroom apartment with our little brothers, both aging from 25-26 years old. We were being financially responsible, but covid made this apartment feel smaller and more crowded than ever. 5 years in and finally engaged to be married, I yearned to live on our own again.

Recently, we chose to move closer to Tanner’s profession, and to a place that had an office space for my work-from-home marketing job. Fully furnished and curated to our designed liking, we have never been as happy as we are presently.

Here are some highlights of our new home, as well as our featured Hotel Collection candles that fit perfectly, adding to the dark-but-modern feel of our remodeled, favorite place in the mountains.

-happy kait

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