Our wonderful birthday bestie, Sam, native to the New England area, insisted that I separate our witchy weekend blog into 2 parts. We couldn’t just have one giant blog post about all of the spooky fun we had over a weekend, so here is the touristy part of the witchiest town’s recap. If you’d like to know more about our friends & family weekend celebrating Sam’s 28th birthday in New Hampshire, click here!!

We decided a few months back that a spooky trip to Salem was a bucket list item we needed to check off. After the longest break of time I’ve ever had from my best friends and my northeast home (thank you, Covid), this wonderful trip in the fall was perfect.

I hopped on a direct flight from Denver and the others drove and took trains from New York City to be able to meet up near Boston. We brought our spookiest outfits and had ourselves a witchy day in Salem, Massachusetts!


We started the day with a witchy, on-foot tour from The Witch Walk by Crown Haven Corner, where PJ took us through a witches’ ritual and around the city. He told us some really interesting stories about the Salem witch trials and plenty of history about the cemeteries, landmarks, and buildings of Salem. He spoke extensively about the misconceptions Hollywood often creates about witches and straightened out some confusion about witchcraft and the pagan religion.


We had delicious coffee at Brew Box and the meltiest grilled cheese I’ve had in my 27 years of life. Sam tried their most well-known beverage— the cereal milk latte— and it turns out they continuously have a different cereal creating the milk flavoring. She was delighted with the lucky charms choice of the day!


We had lunch at FINZ, and although it was generally slow, we took our time eating delicious seafood next to the water. The spa water and hard ciders were great but the pumpkin beer was said to be ~mystical~. We had a wide range of food with calamari and edamame appetizers, followed by fish & chips, lobster, chicken sandwiches, and sushi.


In hopes of capturing the true aesthetic of the trip, we stopped by the famous Salem Witch House, a beautifully dark building known for a whole bunch of witchcraft happening inside. You can get a tour here but we arrived after 4 when it closed!

We explored a ton just by walking around the city and took far too many photos as a result. The lines for the touristy witchcraft stores were all pretty long due to half capacities and social distancing from Covid, so we didn’t shop around as much as we probably would have in a year that isn’t 2020 (our wallets probably preferred this anyway). The responsibly cool part about this trip: EVERYONE WORE MASKS LIKE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO IN A PANDEMIC!

In its entirety, our Salem trip was a beautiful reflection of fall in the northeast and a spooky lover’s dream. Covid can’t stop the spooky. The weather was ideal for the souls longing for sweater weather and our hearts are refreshed to say the least. Until the next epic trip with my LTN best friends!

-witchy kait

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