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2020 has been tremendous for my skin. Even before the pandemic, switching to dry makeup and washing my face before bed has done wonders for controlling my breakouts. I’m down to 1-2 possible (pre-menstrual) blemishes a month, so I started focusing my energy on making my skin more even, bright, and youthful. 27 years old screams adulthood and when wrinkles start developing, I have to (and will!) start protecting my skin before it’s too late.

We know I’m not usually the best at adulting from the start, but I’ve been using GingerChi skincare to educate myself on natural solutions. They sent me a Radiance Spa Set as well as a couple other fun products as a bit of a starter kit (details below). Luckily for me, they also have a blog on their website to help explain how to use everything and understand how to make my skin feel clean and refreshed!

Inside my basket of GingerChi goodies, you’ll find (click for links to purchase, all seemingly affordable when investing in your skin):

Founder Anna Lam created GingerChi with the balance of Yin and Yang in mind, as well as an affinity for nature. “Anna saw that the concept of Chi could be applied to our everyday lives. When there is imbalance in our lives, whether it is physical, emotional, or environmental we suffer from many ways. On a cellular level, dry, oily and aging skin can be considered signs of imbalance.” – more on


The Anti-Aging Jade Roller is one of GingerChi’s most featured products for good reasoning. The roller comes in multiple colors (including black like the one I have !!!) and is typically used under warm water or with the regenerating face serum. “The Jade stone is believed to carry nourishing and gentle energy and considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity.”

The Rice Bran Cleanser/Masque is probably the most spa-like product in the basket. It “combines finely ground Rice Bran powder and gentle exfoliating Rice Husks with antioxidant properties of Ginger” and it gives you a deep cleaning boost. I mix it with some regenerating face serum in the palm of my hand and rub it on the uneven/red parts of my face.

Next up, a variety of bottled liquids that do wonderful things. The GingerChi website is super helpful in explaining the benefits each product provides, so I’m pulling the ingredients and tips directly from the source.

  • The Hydrating Chi Mist is infused with 100% pure plant hydrosols of Rose Damascena, Roman Chamomile, and a hint of Ginger all perfectly blended to tone, calm, and hydrate your skin. Mist over face and body to refresh and revitalize Chi. Tip: Can be used for sun bathed skin, or after applying makeup for a soft, dewy look.
  • The Purifying Oil Cleanser works in harmony with the naturally occurring oil molecules in your pores to deeply cleanse and purify skin without stripping away natural sebum. This natural cleansing process decreases excess oil, grease, dirt and debris in the pores without causing dryness or damage.
  • The Ginger Citrus Hand Sanitizer is perfect for a pandemic. It’s comprised of 70% sustainably sourced non-GMO alcohol, with the addition of Fresh Ginger and Citrus Essential Oil Blend, including Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Litsea, and Sweet Orange known for their anti-bacterial properties, to give it a fresh, uplifting scent.
  • Lastly, and undoubtedly used the most, is the Regenerating Face Serum, which is a potent blend of beautifying essential oils in a rich base of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils (to revitalize Chi). This serum can be used for daily moisture, as a night time skin treatment, or whenever dull, tired skin needs an extra boost.

The Organic Cotton Muslin Face Cloth is probably the last product I expected in this package, but I understand why people prefer this sensitive cleaning method. “Made with 100% organic cotton, these cloths gently exfoliate skin- removing layers of dirt, bacteria, excess oils, impurities and makeup, leaving skin clean, fresh, soft, and supple! As skin is clear of dead skin cells, it is able to absorb product more purely. These cloths are both eco-friendly and reusable too!”

The final product is the Coconut Ginger Revitalizing Body Sugar Scrub, and it’s the perfect exterior scrub for gently exfoliating skin, energizing your body, and stimulating your Chi. They say it will leave the skin feeling buttery soft with no heavy oily residue– and as I tested this out on my lips (why?? idk), I can easily agree!

I’m not a skin expert. I’m generally late to many parts of adulting and skincare is no different. I’m currently thankful to live in an age where I can order skincare products from close to home (GingerChi is in New York City!) with a wide range of options. Not only that, but having an extra sense of direction regarding what ingredients are in the natural products, what they do, and how to use them helps me feel like I’m improving with intention.

Check out for tons of options of face and body skincare products, as well as a super informative blog (awesome advice & how-to’s) to help your skin more than ever before.

To aging! To skincare! To learning! To finding solutions! To finally feeling like an adult! To loving your bright, clear skin (finally)!


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