Bettering Yourself at Home

What are you doing, while staying at home, to make yourself better?

The positive of a super long stay-at-home order, is that we are given more time than usual to focus on ourselves and our self-growth*. If your mental health is up to it these days, quarantine can become a time period to focus on something completely new that will make you a better version of yourself.

I’m all caught up in work (as much as I can be with new assignments daily), I’ve de-cuttered all parts of my home, and I’ve worked on becoming a more positive person in my head. Achieving tasks that I felt behind on made me feel productive, but I felt I should use this time to try new skills as well.

I’m choosing to focus any spare time I have, outside of work, on bettering myself with newer skills that will benefit me in the future.


I’ve always had pretty clean penmanship as an art student who loves to write, but calligraphy is a skill I have constantly put off in learning. Calligraphy is a full time job and can be intimidating to get into, but there is no other motivator like saving money at your own wedding by being able to do it well, all by yourself.

My friend, Lauren, once gave me a book allowing me to practice these skills with a traceable guide. I have ordered calligraphy markers and will be able to utilize a souvenir quill I have throughout this quarantine!


I’ve had a handstand for about 5 years, although I’ve been a cheerleader for 17 years. As hand in hands (the first half of a cheerleading stunt that requires the top person to be in a controlled handstand position atop another person or group of people) became popular in cheerleading, I started to practice my upside down body lines for my job. I’ve learned shrugged shoulders, strong core, and utilizing my fingers like toes. I’m working daily to make my handstands more controlled in hopes of holding them forever.


I learned to do a simple braid when I was a young child. In college, my dear friend, Dr. Jenn Levy, taught me how to french braid. I used this skill often as a collegiate cheerleader/instructor, but I have focused my efforts yet again during a time of air-drying my hair to make braids my norm.


We all know I’ve always been a terrible cook with my childish diet. Over the last few weeks at home, I’ve been eating veggies, practicing cooking proteins to perfection (Tanner is very patient with me, lol), and making delicious beverages to go with dinner.

You definitely don’t have to better yourself during this time. If you feel motivated to do something, I hope you see no fear in trying something new. I hope you look at this time as an opportunity for you to catch up in whatever you can control. We’re all in a crazy situation, so keep improving and checking up on each other.


*I am aware that the extra time may not apply for everyone. Some are faced with extra time working to make bills, double duty working & schooling their kids, or other unfavorable situations. My heart goes out to you.

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