Thinking of You

It’s Day ??? of Quarantine, somewhere in Mid-April. I think we’ve all lost count of our time locked inside and nobody ever actually knows what day of the week it is anymore. A month into social distancing and we don’t have a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to– we’re surviving only with minimal access to essential businesses. (At least the centennials are finally taking the shut down seriously as we attempt to “flatten the curve” of the virus.)

We are all experiencing negativity right now– whether you’ve lost your job, your loved ones, or your financial/health security. We are filled with fear any time we turn on the news and are starting to experience the desperate selfishness of others. When our society is heavily influenced by others online, I know in my heart that we can’t face an entire world of sadness.

I realized the day after Easter that the entire world was slowly spiraling into a depression. It’s like everyone, all at the same time, registered that our family days together have been taken from us forcefully and we’re exhausted of living in this restricted way.

I thought of the high school girls I coach who really miss school and normalcy. I thought of my best friends who lost their jobs with a new baby. I thought of senior athletes that never completed their sports careers. I thought of people who hate their roommates, who aren’t happy with the people they are dating, who are managing work and homeschooling as parents, or the people who are completely alone. I thought of the overworked front line employees living each day around fear, death, and sadness.

I started brainstorming ways I can help or reach out.

I have problems of my own– I have taken my own pay cuts and tripled my work load (if you’re a reader you already know this). But… The world needs me to be a positive light right now.

I will continue to post helpful content on my cheerleading account, because it encourages young cheerleaders who are dreaming of next season to keep working. I will continue to write blogs to give others productive things to do/relate to. I will make my social media pages pretty with happy vibes to drown out the negativity on my followers’ feeds.

I have taken on as many projects as I can physically handle at my job. I’m working with multiple brands within the Varsity Spirit family. I know that the hard work will be worth it when we revolutionize our ability to teach and empower cheerleaders during an uneasy time. I plan to check in more on my co-workers who may be struggling.

I am choosing to focus on positivity at this time and encouraging others to do the same. When I get angry with someone, I remind myself that this is a very tough time to everyone. People are scared and making rash decisions. I will be the bigger person and help the haters redirect themselves toward positivity.

I will do all I can– but I also want to know how I can help you, a reader of my blog and a friend of mine. I’m thinking of YOU during this time, regardless of my own problems. If you’re going through a tough time, I want you to know that I’m here to talk, I can call/FT you to figure out solutions, or I can be your personal hype man for a day. I want you to know that there is someone (who is actually experienced with hardship) on your side.

Please, let me know if I can help you (emotionally). Lead me to using my voice in a way that can help others. If you feel positive like me through tough times, I encourage you to do the same.

Shoot me an email on or message me via social media on Instagram (@kaitsexton/@ucakait) or on Twitter (@kaitsexton) to chat. I’m thinking of you.


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