100 Things You Could Do During Quarantine

Whether you like it or not, we are quarantined for the safety of our future world! Be true to your introverted self during this forced time of self-cleansing, because while you are being asked to do your part, living inside the comfort of your own home, others are working diligently, attempting to control the spread of disease.

Below is a whole range of ideas explaining different things you could do during quarantine that DO NOT IN ANY WAY suggest putting yourself in crowded, public areas ridden with airborne illness (*some suggestions submitted friends on Instagram, enjoy):

  1. Continue to wash your hands/sanitize, take early symptoms seriously but only visit hospitals in true emergency, etc.
  2. Do your taxes
  3. Create a staged photo to help you express your feelings of the pandemic publicly on social media
  4. “Read a good book – can’t hurt me by David Goggins. (Podcast=amazing)” *jayna.guerra.pena
  5. Raise a succulent plant
  6. WFH (Working From Home blog here)
  7. Stretch your muscles / Yoga *robles.g.austin
  8. Build a website
  9. Draw a picture of your favorite inanimate object
  10. Take a bath (adding bubbles and/or bomb recommended)
  11. Do 100 push-ups, 100 ab crunches, 100 hip thrusts, 100 jump squats
  12. Cook an elaborate dinner, dessert course necessary
  13. Host a staring contest
  14. Clean your home / “the most thorough cleaning ever in life” *nicolemariedimarco
  15. Go on a walk/hike (away from people *fcchavez)… maintain 6 ft distance from other humans!
  16. Think up a new dream job
  17. Binge-watch a new show on Netflix
  18. Build a fort out of blankets
  19. Create a fancy wine taste testing with any samples in your home, pair with cheese/fruit board if grocery store allows (21 and up!)
  20. Write a short story
  21. Eat dry cereal as a sugary snack
  22. Donate to a cause that helps COVID-19 medical supplies/relief
  23. Plan a wedding *choleromes122
  24. Pair up all of the socks in your drawer, remove singles
  25. Re-watch your favorite movie(s)
  26. FaceTime date *jadekholt
  27. Learn a new skill (ex. handstands)
  28. Clean out closet *tuckerhunter / “closet reorganization! get rid of everything you don’t wear!” -a_cor123
  29. FOSTER A DOG *a_cor123
  30. Put together a puzzle (1,000 pieces recommended) *tuckerhunter/*nikkichinn
  31. Frame puzzle (if it’s pretty) *lacey_melancon
  32. Print out photos/ideas for a vision board for all the things you’ll do when you get out of your house
  33. Dance aggressively for three songs straight (cardio)
  34. Read up on the history of the plague
  35. Try a new recipe with things that have been in your pantry for a long time
  36. “Journal, meditate, read, learn to cook an exciting meal, play board games or cards” *jessica_sloane
  37. Buy cheap flights for upcoming weddings & trips that aren’t postponed
  38. Delete repeat photos on your phone/iCloud
  39. Stunt with someone nearby
  40. Reconnect with an old friend (digitally, of course)
  41. Light every candle you have at the same time
  42. Make plans for future holidays
  43. Watch Bravo *robellery
  44. Start a business
  45. Air dry your hair until quarantine ends
  46. Make fresh new kaitmerch *coachscottyb
  47. Create a superhero alter ego for yourself including name, outfit, superpower, etc.
  48. Check your credit score
  49. Start saving up for a new vacation (if your plans have been cancelled, you may be able to get something great out of this unfortunate experience using redeemable flight vouchers/miles!)
  50. Paint a mural in your house
  51. “Make a baby” -amberlterron *Amber is a happily married woman suggesting these types of things only for adults who feel financially and emotionally prepared to handle parenting fresh humans*
  52. Donate to your favorite charity
  53. Paint your nails/toenails
  54. Find some rocks to rock climb on outside or play “the ground is lava” in your own home
  55. Create a budget, organize where you stand financially and use this break as a clear headed time and a chance to plan for the future
  56. Have candy for breakfast, pancakes for dinner
  57. Celebrate a holiday– there are no rules!
  58. Buy a variety pack of k-cups and try a new coffee every morning *sydneylynn192
  59. Try a new vegetable (or try vegetarianism/veganism)
  60. Send a hand-written card to a loved one
  61. Floss your teeth
  62. Tell yourself all the things you like about yourself in the mirror
  63. Sing at the very top of your lungs until your neighbors seek response
  64. Thoroughly scrub & clean your bathroom
  65. “Order a penny whistle and learn “Concerning Hobbits” and/or “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic because they’re super similar” *erica_o_huckaby
  66. Pretend to be a caterpillar by worming around your home and then head back into your cocoon of a bed to return only as a butterfly
  67. Get some fresh air by hanging out on your patio/in your yard
  68. Decide on your next tattoo
  69. Cuddle with someone who is not ill
  70. “Tell us about your surprise engagement on the blog” *loborgmier (Read about our Surprise Engagement Party, hosted by the Borgs, here)
  71. Set up a 401k/retirement plan
  72. Watch the sunset
  73. Watch the sunrise
  74. Gaze at the stars & connect constellations
  75. *bragannn is showing her gen z by suggesting I visit her during a quarantine but technically this would only be acceptable if we didn’t have to travel by plane for sake of social distancing so maybe instead we can all just commit to staying inside for a little while and we’ll be able to visit each other again really soon?
  76. “Stay active, get artsy, and FaceTime with friends & family” *bbrownweb (technically a less specific repeat of options 11, 9, 50, and 26 but all together this might just be my new life motto)
  77. Measure your height each day by using pencil marks on a wall in your house and check to see changes by the end of the quarantine
  78. Imagine where you’ll be in five years
  79. “keep killing it” *hannahfit
  80. Declare a thumb war (with someone who has recently hand sanitized)
  81. Get lost in a rabbit hole of reading blogs on kaitsexton.com 😉
  82. Refinance great debts and/or student loans
  83. Create or add to a list of long-term goals
  84. Count your friends
  85. Moisturize your face and body
  86. Create a revolutionary card game that has never been played
  87. Draw faces on each of your fingers and give them names
  88. Tweet your opinions about topics you know little factual information about
  89. Assign photos to all the contacts in your phone
  90. Learn ASL *jordanwoolfrey
  91. Have a heart-to-heart with someone willing to hear/share
  92. Create a logo for your name
  93. Take selfies
  94. Take naps *machaela_donaldson00
  95. Eat lots of vitamin C
  96. Register to vote
  97. I can’t say what *alisonfleece suggested but I do agree that it is an option. Fill in your own personal option here!
  98. Check in on family and/or anyone close that may be anxious, lonely, or working in a field that is helping sick people survive
  99. Drink more water than ever
  100. Spread love and positivity

GL! Stay healthy & STAY INSIDE!


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