Being engaged is such a special time in your life. You’ve just asked to marry or said yes to the person you love and have decided to make a forever promise. We made our own promise earlier this month on a trip to Kaua’i (How He Asked, here), and came home to a million questions.

Do you have a date set yet?
Are you getting married in Colorado? Or in New York? Texas?
Have you started planning?

What about your dress?

Among all the overwhelming new questions and unexpected wedding planning advice (pls keep the advice coming it has all been very helpful so far), it was so nice to not have to worry about one thing to plan– an ENGAGEMENT PARTY!

We came home to Colorado from our vacation and immediately dropped off my ring to be resized (bad timing, lol). Before we left on another trip to Wyoming, our friends, Scott, Lauren, and Murphy Borgmier insisted that we come to their house to catch up and tell them everything about Hawai’i.

I almost melted into my bed instead as Tanner had a work event come up when we were supposed to meet them, and it almost foiled the Borgs’ plans. We seriously had no idea our friends would be waiting silently to celebrate our love.

We headed over a little late, expected some pups to be barking for our arrival, and instead walked into a roar of former cheerleaders wishing us “CONGRATS!” and/or “SURPRISE!” all at once. It was so loud and unexpected that it physically frightened me. Of course, once Tanner and I realized what was going on, we were so thankful and excited to see our friends.

*Reader Discretion: All guests at the party were above the legal alcohol consumption age of 21, besides plenty of babies at the party, who consumed milk during the champagne toast*

Lauren told me that upon her original party invite, everyone chipped in to bring little parts that would make it epic. The Borgs led the way, organized everything, and prepared the champagne. The Chebrets brought cake and party decor. Taia brought balloons (the black balloons were obviously my favorite!). The Saunders’ brought the rosé, and plenty of other friends brought their warm company.

I’d never believe you telling me that Lauren Borgmier would keep this whole thing a secret, but she pulled it off. Thank you to Scott, Lauren, Murphy, and all of the incredible friends who celebrated us. We feel so loved!

Thank you always for being a part of our adventure!

-ksex & Tanner

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