Kaua’i, Hawai’i, also known as the “Garden Island,” is a whimsical rain-forest within the USA. It’s the most beautiful place we’ve been, green with nature and covered daily by rainbows. The island air is both refreshing and relaxing, along with the sound of the crashing ocean waves wherever you end up exploring.

My fiancé (see day 3!!!) attended the University of Hawaii on Oahu for a bit, so he had plenty of insight toward how we should prepare for our adventures. We went for 5 days, the first 4 of which we spent with two of our best friends; It was a first time visit to Kaua’i for all of us.

This blog includes a simple itinerary describing how we spent our recent March (2020) vacation, a collection of unfiltered photos, and a mini packing/planning guide with tips for Hawaiian adventures.

Monday, Day 1

  • Arrive to Kaua’i, drive to Princeville
  • Check in to resort
  • Explore rainforest-like tree tunnel areas
  • Watch sunset on nearby beach
  • Realize early on this is the prettiest place you’ve ever been
  • Eat dinner at resort
  • Experience nighttime hot tub & lit up pool area

Tuesday, Day 2

  • Wake up early, watch sunrise
  • Have Moko Lokos for breakfast (eggs & gravy with toast & hashbrowns)
  • Head to Tunnels Beach
  • Go on extremely muddy hike barefoot to see plunging waterfall
  • Get Chicken & a Barrel for dinner
  • Decompress in hot tub before bed

Wednesday, Day 3

  • Eat more Moko Lokos for breakfast
  • Visit Napali Coast, prior permits required, hike up to 22 miles
  • Get engaged (read “How He Asked” HERE)
  • Visit Hanakāpī Beach, swim in Hanakāpī Stream
  • Swim out to sand bars and reefs of Ke’e Beach on the way back
  • Go to L&L for Hawaiian Barbecue, Chicken Katsu recommended
  • Dinner at Kalypso
  • Jump between hot tub and pool for an hour to relax muscles

Thursday, Day 4

  • Sleep in before longer car ride, check out of resort
  • Visit Waimea Canyon State Park
  • Witness multiple waterfalls and rainbows
  • Get pineapple ice cream
  • Check in to Sheraton Hotel
  • Go to Lava Lava Beach Club for beachfront dinner
  • Drop friends off to airport :/

Friday, Day 5

  • Sleep in again, leave hotel at latest checkout
  • Visit nearby town, Old Koloa, to shop for souvenirs in cute, tiny shops
  • Have pasta, pizza and salads for lunch at Pizzetta
  • Chase waterfall down incredibly steep decline/cliff
  • Freshen up/change out of muddy outfits
  • Visit any and all waterfalls in surrounding area that do not require additional hiking/dirtiness
  • Eat at Lava Lava Beach Club again
  • Leave on red eye flight and sleep until you have to work on Monday morning

Packing/Planning Tips for a Hawaiian Vacation

  • Every hike will be muddy. Do not bring your fancy shoes, bring waterproof/hiking footwear if possible
  • Bring bug spray!!!! Mosquitoes are the only living thing that will cause you harm
  • Research ideal adventures online beforehand, check permits that may be required
  • Bring rain jacket(s) and/or an umbrella as it rains nearly every day in Hawai’i
  • On the contrary, also bring hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, anything else to protect you from the sun between rain storms
  • Pack lightly, without hair tools or dressy footwear– the island atmosphere presents little opportunities to dress up or locations that will maintain hairstyles in humidity
  • Purchase flights as early as possible, rates can be expensive as flight is 6+ hours to the mainland
  • Consider a time difference similar to that of traveling internationally
  • We highly suggest bringing your own hammocks (they are inexpensive, we bring ours everywhere)
  • Invest in some type of waterproof camera for the many adventures to be found in this beautiful place

This was our favorite vacation yet and we’ve completely fallen in love with this green island. We plan to return once we’ve saved up for another relaxing vacation. I hope to one day visit other islands of this magical state as well! Mahalo!

-island ksex

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