There isn’t much to know about the reasoning behind our work trip to Mexico, but 15 co-workers took a trip to a house called Villa Gauguin in Akumal, Mexico last week. We stayed from Monday-Friday and didn’t leave the house once. With a view like this, why would you?

Boss man in charge of the trip had a private catering party come in during the days to make us all meals & drinks at our leisure. We ate A LOT and drank even more. Hugo, Polo, Luciano, and the rest of their staff were a blast and even took pictures with us before leaving.

The trip fell on my 27th birthday, and it was a day I’ll always remember! I selfishly made the entire trip out to be a birthday celebration, but everyone seemed to love the party. I turned 27 while sitting in an infinity pool, under the sun, overseeing the ocean. It was perfect!

Mexico isn’t the safest place to be exploring alone at the moment, so even on our ocean adventures, we stayed in groups. Luckily all of the people on this trip are great friends and we had a lot of fun together. We made tik toks in our free time and created so many new inside jokes/ratchetness. Eeooowww!

As always, it’s refreshing to get away from your country for a bit. Unfortunately, even though this was considered a work trip, I am having trouble getting out of vacation mode. I’m so thankful for a life that allows me to experience these things.

Luckily for me, I have another trip planned for next week. Stay tuned for my last vacation of the spring season!

-tropical & tan ksex

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