My Advice to Myself, 10 Years Ago

At the last turn of a new decade (2010), I was a tiny, very awkward-looking, 16 year old. I’ve always hoped to be a youthful 26+ year old who has her stuff together by the year 2020. I couldn’t wait to grow up… I knew my late twenties would be my prime.

It’s important for you to know that 10 years ago, I was a quirky cheerleader on the outside, but very unhappy on the inside. I was going on year 5 with braces, started realizing how broke I was (and was going to be), and hadn’t yet had the growth spurt that would help me look normal with such a big head. In reality, I knew I had a life to be thankful for, I just wanted to be someone else.

If only now, I could go back in time and meet up with 16 year old ksex, I would remind the little, awkward, late bloomer:

  • Things are going to get SO much better after you finish school. You will thrive in adulthood and create a great name for yourself.
  • You’re going to meet someone very special in 5 years. Good call on not giving your heart to anyone in the meantime.
  • Washing & moisturizing your face will help you control breakouts. Dry powder makeup is right for you. Whitening your teeth is the most rewarding act of self care.
  • You’ve always been athletic, but you CAN get out of shape!! It’s possible, and it will happen if you aren’t careful about what you eat. Even for you, little peanut.
  • Speaking on less treats– you DON’T NEED TO BUY EXPENSIVE COFFEE DAILY. You also don’t need to spend $20 a week on candy (save that money for student loans).
  • You won’t be awkward forever. (ok actually can’t promise this one but at least your awkwardness will change and be considered relatable and/or comical).
  • You’re not going to get stuck in Poughkeepsie, NY. You’ll move to a beautiful place far away and leave your past behind. 
  • You’re going to make your family proud when you get a Bachelor’s Degree in 4 years. You’ll also meet your best friends and get an education that helps you on social media, which will be crucial in the year 2020.
  • You’re going to perform a skill in cheerleading that nobody has competed before, thanks to the culture within a tightly-knit championship program (and due to front spots/rule changes, nobody will do it after you, either). Never EVER second guess what Christine Farina tells you to do at a Hofstra cheer practice.
  • You will go on to reach ALL of your dreams and you have time to do more! My biggest regret when looking back is not making my goals BIGGER because we really can achieve ANYTHING.
  • Lastly, the best is yet to come. I’d like to think that’s still the case.

And now, for the wise but cool, moderately put-together, 26 year old Kaitlyn? Here’s what the little 16 year old might say back:

  • Time travel is publicly accessible in the year 2020? This doesn’t make any sense?? Anyways…
  • You’re FINALLY to the age we’ve always wanted to be. We’ve always dreamed of making it to our late twenties, and you’re just 2 short months from entering that time period officially! I bet you don’t even get upset to hear, “You look so young”!
  • You didn’t grow up with a lot of money like some of your friends, but you’re an adult BOSS in paying heavy bills all on your own and have learned the invaluable skill of managing heavy finances. I’m thankful you didn’t get stuck in a broke/self-pity mentality (and have a boyfriend who gets this too). It will benefit you in the future.
  • You live an exciting life filled with TRAVEL! How cool is that? You’re reaching elite status on airlines and only use the fancy, expedited security line. Nobody ever knows where you are.
  • You’ve found a home in a MAN. Yep, you’re capable of LOVE! You grew up and fell in love with a wonderful guy from Texas (unexpected) but he doesn’t have a southern accent. You might have even started dreaming of creating a family one day.
  • You’re exactly who I hoped I would become. Shoutout to us and all that we will be. We aren’t done yet.

-thankful adult, 26 year old ksex (who is arguably still just as awkward as 16 but also kinda cool)

P.S. This blog was so fun to write at the turn of the decade and made me feel great about life in my late twenties.

If you’re a younger reader, I hope you can understand that the best is yet to come. Adulthood is WAY cooler than growing up.

If you’re around my age reading for what is relatable, I suggest doing this little writing practice at the turn of this new decade. I feel so thankful to be able to forget about my current struggles and focus on how far I’ve come.

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