Dad Came to Visit!

My 2019 Christmas was my favorite holiday yet, because I had my direct family & boyfriend with me for the first time ever! We spent the holiday at our home in Colorado.

My dad visited Colorado for his first time earlier this week, and this was particularly special to me because:

  • My dad and Tanner hardly knew each other before now. I’ve been dating Tanner nearly 5 years and they had only met/hung out one time a few years ago. Tanner has gotten some quality time with my mom over the years, but he finally got to know my dad this week. My dad loves Tanner and I couldn’t be happier.
  • My dad has never seen an adult home that I’ve lived in/helped furnish and decorate. He moved me to Memphis, Tennessee in 2015 and hasn’t seen what I actually live like as an adult until now. I couldn’t wait to show him how nicely we’ve decorated our space, especially because this is the fifth place Tanner and I have lived in together.
  • I haven’t spent a Christmas with my own family in 5 years. I LOVED all of our holidays with Tanner’s family or without any plans over the last few years, but there is something special about having your direct family with you for Christmas.

My dad has never been to Colorado before this trip, so we took him around Denver a little bit while he was here. We went shopping in Castle Rock and around Downtown Denver. He took my brother and me to the outlets to pick out one present– I picked out a black & white checkered vest, not knowing he had a similar one back at home. (how cute)

We didn’t get to visit as many mountains as I had hoped– my dad was too excited for another visit that took priority of our time. Apparently, a very rare HAM Radio Store is located in Denver and radio nerds (or “HAM’s”, as they call themselves) like him everywhere look forward to visiting this store. He bought a new radio and truly had the best time. I’m so glad we went.

I’m very thankful that my dad took the time & money to visit– my heart feels spoiled for having a holiday like this. We ended the trip bonding, playing board games, making dinner, and sharing many belly laughs. I can’t wait for his next visit!

Wishing all families & friends a special holiday and a very happy New Year!


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