This year, like all other years of my life, we moved into a new home. I have never lived in one home for more than 3-4 years, but I’d love to stay in this one for a while and beat that personal record!

I live with my boyfriend and BOTH of our little brothers. My boyfriend and I share the master of a 3 bedroom condo, and our only brothers, both aged 24 years old, have rooms (and a bathroom!!!) of their own.

It’s the perfect size for 4 very clean people– and since we downsized from our last place, we eliminated all of the clutter in our storage. It has made us all feel happier knowing that we are not carrying extra baggage in our lives.

My boyfriend and I are the type of people to decorate immediately– we had all furniture, curtains, and wall decor up within weeks of our move in July. We’ve also cycled through the seasonal decorations of fall, and now, winter holidays!

We might be renting a condo while many of our late-twenties/early-thirties aged friends buy their first (or second) homes, but our timing is personal to us and we are intentionally saving money during this time. We have the space we need– with room for our large furniture and a sweeeeet jungle patio!

We’ll be here until we buy or build our forever home, but I’d imagine that plenty of life things will happen before we cross that path (including making a dent in my $200,000 student loans). We’re happy with this super chill, accommodating space to hang out with our family & friends!

This blog was not very interesting but thanks for stopping by out of curiosity for what kind of atmosphere I live in!!!


Please enjoy this day & night juxtaposition of our tree:

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