10 Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Planet

We’ve all heard that our beloved planet, Earth, isn’t doing too well right now. Global warming, pollution, deforestation; we have a whole mess of environmental issues going on. It’s normal to feel helpless as individuals in fixing these giant problems, but we only have about 12 years left (maybe less now?) to save the Earth from the past damage. LUCKILY for us, saving the world is POSSIBLE… by working TOGETHER!

I wrote this blog MONTHS ago after falling into the rabbit hole of the music video/website of Lil Dicky’s, “EARTH”, but I found myself hesitant to post this blog out of fear of the expectations I would create for myself. My biggest goal of posting a blog like this is not to expect that we all become radical climate-strikers (although, go ahead if you’re into it), but to help make a true effort in improving our conscious habits. If we all do a little more to preserve/save the earth, even if it’s slow change, we will make big long-term improvements one day!

It only takes one moment of feeling like you’re helping the planet for you to want to do it again! Saving the world is a contagious feeling and I personally want to be remembered as someone who helped in making this happen.

Here are some not-so-difficult ways we can help out Earth:

  • Follow the trendiest of all earth saving and reduce plastic use. Get a metal straw (and actually use it), get some bamboo toothbrushes, and a reusable grocery shopping bag.
  • Oldest trick in the eco-book: Conserve water by using less than you are right now. It’s easy to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or rinsing dishes.
  • Stop littering! Duh. You can also reduce/reuse/recycle or feel complete fulfillment by physically cleaning up around your community.
  • Reduce your red meat consumption. The mass amount of red meat farm production is one of the biggest environmental issues due to methane/man-made greenhouse gas emissions released into the air.
  • Plant a tree or donate to plant a tree! The Canopy Project” acts on deforestation, planting billions of trees to save our oxygen/food/animal homes, as well as helping balance climate control.
  • Make renewable energy a long term goal. I’m not saying I can afford to put solar panels on a house right now, but it’s definitely something I’d like to keep in mind for future plans.
  • Support businesses that are doing their thing with the environment in mind. If we all gradually switch to eco-friendly business, the huge corporations destroying our earth will either fail or be forced to change their ways!
  • Make subtle changes in your home when faced with decisions, like choosing non-toxic cleaning supplies and energy-efficient light bulbs. You can be an over achiever (or an introvert) by cancelling your plans, chilling at home, and cutting down on the amount of times you start your car. *perfect excuse to stay in*
  • Register to vote (if of age). You can choose to vote for candidates who have environmental solutions in mind.
  • Lastly– since you’ve made it this far and obviously share my passion in this issue– keep dreaming of a better world. YOU could be the one to START an environmentally conscious business one day, and your success will create a demand for change! Spreading these ideals and thinking BIGGER will impact our possibility for a future.

Instead of complaining about the damage that has been done by boomers, speak up and spread the word about positive change! We are going to be the generation that saves our planet. This matters more than social media, more than your current stress, more than almost anything.

Need more credible information? Websites like welovetheoearth.org, earthday.org, and savetheearth.org are sources focused on increasing awareness and making these positive changes. Join me in making tiny efforts to save our planet!

-superhero ksex, obv

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