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Halloween is my favorite holiday. You might have guessed this with my obvious love for all things cold, dark, and spooky. Most of my Halloween-esque shirts weren’t made with Halloween intention, so these products are generally gothy enough to show your spooky spirits year-round.

(I strive to provide quality #KaitMerch as I stay true to my mission in designing shirts I would truthfully enjoy purchasing. This being said, life sometimes gets the best of me and I don’t always provide new quality products in a timely manner, like in time for you to get any of these if you DID want them for Halloween. Lol, sorry.)

*NEWS* Amazon lets me put designs on more than just t-shirts now. So, I made a bunch of those this season. Check below for some options. (I also make custom designs on other items– just DM/Text for requests!) CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF MY KAITMERCH AT ONCE.

Thankful/Haunted KaitMerch (2019) *I started this design idea with haunted looking text, but realized it would be cute as a design to wear throughout the fall or if you’re thankful all year. Ordering the hoodie myself*
Thankful T-Shirt | Thankful Long Sleeve | Thankful Sweatshirt | Thankful Pullover | Haunted T-Shirt | Haunted Long Sleeve | Haunted Sweatshirt | Haunted Pullover

Hip Hip, Hooray KaitMerch (2019)
Hip, Hip T-Shirt | Hip, Hip Sweatshirt | Hip, Hip Long Sleeve | Hip, Hip Pullover

Spooky Ghost KaitMerch (2018)
Spooky T-Shirt | Spooky Sweatshirt

Clowning Around KaitMerch (2019)
Spiral T-Shirt | Spiral Pullover | Spiral Sweatshirt | Spiral Long Sleeve

Dead Inside KaitMerch (2018 – Classic)
Dead Inside T-Shirt | Dead Inside Long Sleeve | Dead Inside PopSocket

Dance Until We’re Dead KaitMerch (2019) *This is actually drawn with the intent of being me + my 3 best friends from NY :,) *
Dance T-Shirt | Dance Sweatshirt | Dance Long Sleeve

Grim Reaper KaitMerch (2018 & 2019)
It’s Party Time T-Shirt | A Little Party T-Shirt | KaitMerch Brand T-Shirt | KaitMerch Brand PopSocket

A FEW FAVORITES (2018 & 2019)
Wicked Witch T-Shirt | I Love You to Death T-Shirt | I’ll Stop Wearing Black T-Shirt | I’ll Stop Wearing Black Long Sleeve | Halloweenie T-Shirt | Alive (ish) T-Shirt | Life Succs T-Shirt

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In addition to shirts, this website provides seasonal blogs like How to Always Have a Creative Costume & Halloween Costume Ideas! Wishing you a safe and happy halloweenie season!

-spooky ksex

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