Why I Started Dying My Hair (Again!)

As one of the many people who bleached their hair to a yellow/blonde growing up, I faced a confidence-driven addiction to lighter hair. I wrote, 3 Years Since I Dyed, explaining my journey to get OUT of going blonde, and then grew my hair out naturally for so long that I actually became nervous at the thought of dying it again.

My thoughts behind growing out my natural hair post-college were that I would have minimal damage to my hair during a time that other adults were damaging theirs. Our twenties are usually our last chance to hold on to our youth, but I took advantage of my young-looking features and planned for a long-lasting future of long, dye-worthy hair.

I trimmed my hair every 3-4 months for 4 years. I started drying it with colder air and styling on lower heat. I moved to Colorado and let the altitude help speed up the daily air-dry. I grew out my color instead of dying it. My hair was growing more quickly, and I felt refreshed knowing that I was doing all the right things.

It took many years, but my hair was at a record thickness & length!

Of course, my luck turned and I regretfully got a quick haircut on the road. I asked for a trim, but was given unwanted layers that were uneven and choppy. The style of it just didn’t work for me. The healthy hair I was working to grow was gone in a day and I absolutely hated myself for it. Receiving this chop made me more sad than I’d like to admit.

I hid my hair for an entire month before I was able to visit my hair dresser back at home. If you look at my photos during this time, I either have my hair curled, in a bun, or if I were at work, half up. Any photos I took with my usual straight hair in clear sight never made their way to the media.

When I was able to return home a month later, I set up a fix-my-hair-and-my-life appointment with my favorite Colorado boss lady, Sarah Baer. She runs Hair by Sarah Baer from her home and an in-person/online retail shop, called Little Bear Boutique. She saved my hair with another trim, fixed my layers, and helped me take the plunge back into dying my hair.

I was nervous, but I wasn’t going to have the long hair that was ideal to dye for a while. I decided there is no better time to go back to blonde than NOW!

*This is the pic I sent to my best friend after Sarah saved my hair* My face says I’m embarrassed to have had to get it fixed, but my heart is so happy with the result.

She gave me my new, favorite hair color: naturally blonde but not too blonde. I prefer this look more than any I’ve tried before! She put in varying highlights from different directions and put a toner on after so it wasn’t too drastic from what I had naturally.

Now that I’ve had it touched up for fall, I am happy as can be with my new hair and completely trusting in Sarah. I am officially back to blonde and here to stay!!

Make sure to follow @littlebearboutiquelove for some of her cute outfits, and book a hair appointment if you’re near Castle Pines, Colorado! She is the BEST!

-blonde ksex!



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