Hi Again

Hey, kaitsexton.com readers. I’ve missed you guys a lot, and I sincerely apologize for the last five months of my temporary neglect from this website.

I had so many experiences chatting over the summer with you–and how cool is that, by the way, to say that I have “many” readers– who reached out to me to tell me about a blog of mine that once helped you, related to you, or made you laugh. I want you to know that you have helped me feel like I’m serving my purpose in this life– and you are the reason I want to keep writing.

Since the beginning of May, I have been traveling the continent to teach cheerleading and create cheer routines. I call this time my “busy” travel season, because I’m hardly home until the end of September. I never really stop traveling, but the trips start to slow down in October when I return to Colorado to work from home.

This is a life that I have asked for, and it is a life that I am grateful for. However, it can be super exhausting living out of a suitcase, and it’s definitely not fun being (back) in a long distance relationship with your boyfriend of 4.5 years. Unfortunately, for kaitsexton.com (and my soul, honestly), the first hobby that suffered with my lack of free time was writing. My shirt designs slowed down soon after. I became overwhelmed toward the end of the summer and fell short in posting on social for my friends’ birthdays. I hope that anyone who has come across this website in the past could understand the reason for my absence and forgive me for slowing down for a little bit.

Luckily, I am home more often than not nowadays (although I am still traveling almost every week) and I am able to focus on getting my life back together. I am catching up on my office work with V!ROC, designing and updating my kaitmerch t-shirts, and attempting to write each day (even if only for a few minutes).

As I focus more on returning to my blog, I realize that posting on Social Media often holds me back in writing on kaitsexton.com. I am therefore deciding to write with less self-inflicted pressure to immediately let the world know as soon as I have an update. I may tweet, post a little Instagram story, or not alert social media at all for my upcoming writing. I may get frisky and post about it on everything. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date, you can join a few of my other friends who have already chosen to subscribe to my blog by filling in your email at the bottom of my website. This just sends you a little note when I write something new for you!

~Now~ a very thankful reflection for the experiences I had over this summer, made possible because of my job. I happened to be in very lucky or crucial places quite often– for new babies, proposals, some injuries, and countless memories.

Summer 2019, you were a special one!

I saw beautiful places and SO MANY friends. Tons of old and new friends who are not all pictured here. To each and every friend who made time to hang out with me during my travels, even for five minutes, thank you!


I was able to pop in and watch a few of my friends get married (Andrea & Reuben Glass, Courtney & John Chebret), which I am grateful for, even though I had to miss a couple of weddings as well (Arianna & Alek Kociski, Shannon & Dustin Velazquez)… I am sending my love to you all!


I went to some concerts with my favorite person.


I photographed wilderness.


I started speaking in weird languages and developing phrases like, “dadaduh”.


I went on dates and hikes with my boyfriend as much as possible since we did not get to spend a majority of these months together.


I found Kirby on her birthday (in Cabo). Also found Jocey!


I photographed my friends getting engaged!


I held my best friend’s baby within 12 hours of her being brought into this world. We love you, baby Murphy!


I saw some REALLY good looking views. ;)))))


I went camping.


I chipped my front tooth. (I also got it fixed, then chipped it again, then fixed it again… and then chipped it again last night because I suck as a human being)


I hit my stunts. Thanks, Asia/Catie/Kelly/Jocey/Cassidy/Colby/Jess/Alex/Jonesy/College Staff Boys/all of my other basing friends.


I probably got a little too sassy at times.


I attended a boat party unexpectedly.


I melted plastic into my hair that same week.


I stayed in cabins THREE TIMES.


I wore scary makeup 🙂


I taught a whole bunch of cheerleading with my squirrels.


I surprised my NorthBeast family back at home!!


I made it just in time to witness my besties finally getting engaged!


I watched Jade tear her ACL in a demo, and then I watched her teach camps with a limp, and then I jumped onto her to make myself her backpack.


I found my very best friends in NY a few times and went to new places on Long Island that I hadn’t been to before. Only missing our sweet Sammy!


I went on a very special trip to Canada with my boyfriend!


I drove a lot of rental cars… The punch buggy was my favorite, of course!


I met and held my cute little friend, TJ, 6 days into his life!


I also got to experience one of his and his momma’s very first Indy adventures together.


I stayed in my boss’ sweet new home…


I popped in and around of NYC more times than usual.


I had lunch with my dad a few times 🙂


I saw so many friends I hadn’t seen in forever.


and I could make this list last forever if I had the time. I’ll have another blog coming up about all of the amazing teams I had the pleasure of working with, once I am actually done doing choreography in November. I ran into a billion lucky coincidences, I experienced a million happy memories, and I’ll remember this summer for all of the years I have left to live.

Now that I’m back at home– know that I am at my very happiest, resting my body and cuddling with my favorite person. We moved into a new place with our little brothers, have plenty of upcoming plans, and are realllllly trying to figure out how to adult from here. Feel free to keep updated on my website as often as you’d like– I am overwhelmingly grateful to have you here already.

Love always,




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