You’re Only Allowed to Read This if You Get Cold Sores

If you get cold sores, I’m here to help with tips that can help you NOW. If you are fortunate enough to not get cold sores, please leave this blog as I’m already embarrassed for admitting this about myself online! Thanks!

(Seriously, if I get made fun of for this I’m going to hate you. I’m trying to help people desperately trying to get rid of cold sores ASAP. If you think this blog is disgraceful to write about it’s because you don’t have this problem to deal with, so go read about nails or cheerleading instead)

I got my first cold sore in 7th grade from the stress of a pageant. I get them probably twice a year when I’m super stressed out, and it is absolutely the most embarrassing thing I can’t control. Cold sores are super painful & all you ever want is to cover them up.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I should probably go to the dermatologist for a prescription medicine to prevent this if I’m getting them frequently over the years… but how else would I be able to tell someone getting their first cold sore how to fix it without seeing a doctor? Here is the best way I’ve learned to speed up the process:

  • Control the swelling (& pain!) by icing your lips/skin directly. I wrap one ice cube in a paper towel and hold it on my mouth until it’s all melted. Ice it from first pain to healed lips/skin!
  • As far as products go, throw away the Carmex & Abreva. Those products speed up the process of the breakout and make it 10x worse.
  • Instead, try out this product (recommended to me by my best friend) called Campho-Phenique (not an ad). It’s a little cheaper than the above and lasts WAY longer. It is the only product we’ve found that is preventative if you use it ASAP.
  • The sun can be good for healing cold sores, but it can also be harmful. When you are developing a cold sore, exposure to the sun can help dry it out. When you’re just dealing with a leftover wound, the sun can make you scar.
  • Don’t try to hide it, unless you don’t care about having cold sores for a longer period of time. Irritation backtracks healing.
  • If you have an important event you can’t leave your mouth alone for (wedding, work event, game), avoid matte lipsticks and make sure to ice before and after application.
  • BONUS TIP: Pin point the cause of the cold sore. I know I get them when I’m super stressed out– so I make sure to relax. My body obviously rejects the stress and it needs to heal.

Ok I’m done writing about this now (very embarrassed at the moment) but hopefully this can help one person learn earlier than I did not to irritate your wounds and have patience knowing that extra care will result in less time in pain.

-ksex just trying to help please don’t make fun of me

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