A Cabo Wedding in Photos

Mr. & Mrs. Chebret hosted a beautiful destination wedding last week in Los Cabos, Mexico. I’ve never been this close with the Bride AND Groom, so being part of this wedding was an opportunity I’ll always cherish. Having my boyfriend on the other side of the party made it even more fun– they even let us walk together!!!

The all-inclusive wedding was at Dreams Los Cabos and I was able to take a bunch of amateur pics with my Canon Rebel t6i. Clearly, we had too much fun to put into words that do the trip justice. That’s why I’m going to leave this blog as primarily pictures*– because that’s what the people want to see anyways!

*not all photos are mine: some are taken by Kirby Lynch & LS McClain.

#JetToChebret 07.28.19

Starting with Pre-Wedding beach shenanigans:

Day of the Wedding:

(Especially thankful for these next couple of pics– somehow I ended up with the mic and made a toast using my newest made-up phrase)

And of course, Post-Wedding (aka party):

Believe me when I say this isn’t even half of the pictures (had to send them to Courtney before posting), but I posted because I felt that the world could use a little more beauty and happiness that went into this wonderful week.

Congratulations to John and Courtney Chebret– you two are perfect for each other and have hosted an incredible week for us all to celebrate your love!

To many more friend weddings and long lasting happiness!

-bridesmaid ksex (da da duh)

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