My Iced Coffee Orders

You don’t need to know me long to realize that I, like most other people on this planet, have a coffee addiction. This began when I was 14 (there was a Dunkin Donuts in FRONT of my high school) and now, I drink 1-2 cups per day.

I mostly favor iced coffee and am a fan of everything sweet. Although I enjoy the natural taste of coffee, I typically add a generous amount of flavor and/or sugar. Here are my go-to’s (and how I got into coffee drinking) with Dunkin, Starbucks, and my newest at-home creation from the grocery store. They’re too good not to share!


I started getting into consistent coffee drinking with Caramel Coolattas and Iced Caramel Lattes. In college, when I started drinking less milk, I switched to Iced Coffee with Skim Milk & Caramel Swirl (“Swirl” is Dunkin’s liquid sugar flavoring). 2 years ago I was lead to the stronger version, my current drink, a (Medium) Cold Brew with Skim Milk & Caramel Swirl. It’s my favorite beverage!


Similar to the Dunkin Coolatta, I eased in by drinking Starbucks’ Frappuccinos, which are practically ice cream desserts. Nowadays, I get a (Venti) Iced Quad Caramel Machiatto with Skim Milk. A machiatto is just a latte that is layered rather than mixed, which helps prolong the ice melting. Note: Starbucks’ coffee isn’t as sweet as Dunkin’s.

From the Grocery Store for at Home:

I’ve been making efforts to save money lately, including cutting costs by purchasing cold brew coffee directly from the grocery store. After trying a few combinations, I’ve fallen in LOVE with this Stok Cold Brew Coffee and Hazelnut Creamer. I get the “Not Too Sweet” Stok (the red one) and Hazelnut Creamer from Nestle’s Coffee Mate. I’m currently drinking this pair more than Dunkin– for only $5 a week.

If you’re looking to get into coffee drinking or feel stumped on what to order, try some of the lighter options I’ve listed above! They’re sweet, refreshing, and carefully altered to what I believe is caffeinated perfection.



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