Last week was rough for me as an adult. I had to be more brave than I’m used to, and since I’m 26 it wasn’t optional. This week I needed a fresh start– a new, springtime ksex that forgot that the last week of March ever existed.

I had my first ever root canal last Tuesday, when my boyfriend was out of town on a snowboarding trip. I went into super adult mode and booked my own appointment, drove myself, and paid for it (with the help of my dental insurance… that I also pay for…). Adults have to be brave and responsible even when they want to pay for vacations… This is what we call maturity.

Before my appointment, the dental office called to tell me the procedure was going to be $500 more than they first quoted me for (they didn’t mention that crowns were super expensive). Awesome.
After the appointment, they told me that the root canal didn’t work and that I had to have a specialist try again on Friday. Kill me.

I was upset about the money– about my molar pains– about being a dang adult who was FORCED into maturity and had to handle this one all alone. I needed to completely shift this pity party so that this next week wouldn’t be as rough.

It was time for some SPRING CLEANING. The full cleanse: a complete 360 from the pain of a cold, snowy winter. My home and my mindset both needed to be cleared of negative energy.

Spring Cleaning for Your Mind:

  • Meditate for a little bit. Any focus on your breathing instead of your daily life stress will do wonders. You could also take a hot bath or stretch your body.
  • Reorganize your life in your planner. Make sure everything is in order and you are ahead. If you need a planner, I’ve just written a blog about mine.
  • Do one thing that makes you feel energized and/or motivated. Everyone is different, but this is your excuse to splurge a little.
  • If you don’t feel like splurging, put a little extra income toward one bill or your savings account. That will make you feel ahead.
  • Get some exercise! Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel great!

Spring Cleaning for Your Home:

  • Wipe down anything with dust/smudges. I won’t stop until the house smells like lemons. Scented candles may also help.
  • Attack your closet: Donate the clothes you don’t need. Throw away any socks you wouldn’t let a friend borrow. Make hangers available for new clothes.
  • Get rid of ANY and ALL clutter. Organize your pots and pans. Stack the Tupperware. Clean out your junk drawers and bedside tables.
  • Vacuum your car. Nothing makes you feel like you have your life together more than a squeaky-clean vehicle.
  • Make your home a little bit different from what it was in the winter, by hanging up a new piece or placing fresh flowers near the front door.

This picture was a surprise from my boyfriend 😍 1960’s, New York.

Of course, everyone is different– you may not have the same clutter as I do, or the same overwhelming anxiety when you feel behind in dental work/finances.

What we can agree on, however, is that spring cleaning is necessary and always effective. You wouldn’t have read this blog if you didn’t agree.

Happy Spring!


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