I’ve Committed to Dip Manicures

If you’ve been on my blog, there’s also a verrrrry good chance that you’ve read about manicures. It’s not that I write about girly stuff all the time, but I take my nails seriously and become dramatic in choosing between manicure styles.

I thought it was odd at first, but Gel vs. Dip: An Ongoing Dilemma, is actually the most searched/read blog post on this website. It explains my initial struggle (feb 2018) of choosing between the two most common types of manicures, mostly to reach out to other nail polish connoisseurs who were pondering the same.

Dip manicures ended up lasting longer on my nails and quickly became a more favorable option. I wrote Gel vs. Dip: Update to share some tips when getting dip manicures, but I was still so new to the process. Now that I haven’t chipped a manicure in a while and grew out my own monster claws, I felt this was a good time to show my nail progress with 9 months of consistent dip manicures!

With dip manicures, I only visit the nail salon once a month, comparable to needing gel manicures twice a month (usually from chipping after a week). So if gel manicures are around $30 w/tip (x24 = $720 a year), and dip manicures are around $45 w/tip (x12 = $540 a year), switching to dip manicures saves me $180/year. I also save an extra hour each month without the second trip to the salon.

So the dip manicures are saving me time, they’re saving me money, AND my nails are stronger/longer than ever??? No harm from UV Light, no chips, no broken nails… I have fully committed.

I’m not saying Dip is for everyone (some don’t like the heavier feeling of it), but I have more friends than less who agree with me on this. If you’re still into gel or into saving money by not paying for manicures at all, do what makes you happy! But, if you’re on the fence about switching to dip, you have a friend who is a fan. My nail technician says it’s even healthier for the people doing your nails.

This is what my nails look like next to Starbucks lemon cake pops & mountains.

I hope this blog helps financially-conscious friends take a step in the right direction, especially the ones struggling to make manicures a priority! Now you have more reasons to justify this as a monthly expense. 😉

If you have feedback on this, whether for or against dip powder manicures, I’d love for you to add a comment below and start a fight.


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