When friends visit Colorado, they ask to see some of the beautiful mountain scenes we’re often posting about. Of course, I am willing to help anyone get their own great photos. The only tricky part– altitude changes everyone’s ability to handle tough hikes! Parks (and a couple other easy spots I’ll list) in Colorado give you beautiful scenery without the exhausting part of the adventure.

We use the AllTrails app on our phones to find these nearby hikes, parks, and trails. It’s completely free and lets you search scenic spots around you with filters of how easy/difficult the journey, your desired length, and the type of scenery. It also keeps an eye on your location (as long as you have service) so you don’t get lost heading back. You could also utilize Google to find any of the locations below (& more)!

Here is a quick guide that features some of our easier spots, all on the west side of Denver (toward the mountains), in no particular order:

Corwina Park, Evergreen, CO

Cheesman Lake, Sedalia, CO

Boulder Falls, Boulder, CO (Summer vs. Winter)

Roxborough Park, Littleton, CO

Mount Falcon Park, Morrison, CO

Gennessee Park, Golden, CO

Meyer Ranch Park, Morrison, CO

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Golden, CO

Loveland Pass, Georgetown/Dillon, CO

Boulder Mountain Park, Boulder, CO

Silver Dollar Lake, Idaho Springs, CO

Canon Park, Boulder, CO

Most of these are fairly easy to drive/hike to, but you’ll want to check a map or the AllTrails app to see what suits your adventure group & location. If none of these look challenging enough for you, reach out to me personally for some longer/bigger hikes that we’ve conquered!

Personally, we enjoy bringing picnic materials, including fruit & sandwiches, a mini speaker, and our “adventure blanket” or hammocks. Be sure to check the weather for appropriate layers!

Most importantly, please also remember to drink LOTS of water while you’re here!

-adventurer kait

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