Little Gems in Denver, Perfect for City Dates and Gatherings

When you live in New York your entire life, you think every city is as big as ours. I always thought Denver was so tiny in comparison, but it’s also much cleaner and a bit more modern. I’d say it’s a close second to be my favorite.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the Mile High City, you’ll find yourself in an ever-growing place with tons to do. We sometimes make dates out of exploring the area– This day featured below was back in December. Although Colorado is typically chilly, it’s also sunny most days of the year!

*peep Tanner’s #kaitmerch shirt that he wore on our date… I am the luckiest girlfriend*

On this date, we started out by parking on a street in RiNo (Denver’s art district) where there are colorful murals everywhere you look (my favorite). We downloaded Lime, an app that allows you to rent electric scooters/bikes, and began to explore around Union Station!

We rode bikes/scooters down to the 16th street mall for food & shopping. We had burgers at Illegal Burger and dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Chocolate covered gummy bears or marshmallows are my favorite Denver treats!!

From here, we continued to explore on the Lime bikes/scooters until the sun went down. This “Best View of Denver” was at the 16th st. mall, the cutest place to shop around here.

Overall, the exploration, lunch, dessert, and shopping mall itinerary is a pretty easy (& cheap!!) date for any city. Here are some other fun places we’ve gone to in Denver that work as cute dates:

Earl’s, 16th st mall, a favorite lunch spot

Rolled up ice cream: including Milkroll Ice Cream and Milkit (I think I liked Milkit better– it has more options and is conveniently off of Arapahoe rd)

Little Owl Coffee (but there’s also lots of Dunkin & Starbucks)

Denver Beer Co. (or any brewery here– lots of local beers to try & enjoy)!

You could take a handstand/acro class like we did once, held by Circus Collective at Five Points.

More ice cream… High Point Creamery is the SPOT…

You can get an over-city view by riding the elevator up to the top level of the parking garage of Boettcher Concert Hall (we also watched the Colorado Symphony there once!!) by Larimer Square!

City dates are always fun, but really don’t need to be expensive. Denver, luckily, almost always has good weather and is ready to be explored– devote a day to walking around downtown and you will not be disappointed.

We’re not necessarily locals just yet, but feel free to contact us if you’re visiting so we can keep finding new favorite places in the Mile High City! I’m sure I’ll redo this blog one day soon and have a whole new list of favorite spots in Denver.


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