I know that Tanner and I aren’t too relatable when it comes to how much we love nature, but I think we can all agree that it’s nice to save money and still go on fun dates. For us, a successful date depends greatly on the opportunity to go to a close-by mountain spot, a genuine appreciation for simple joy, and our (already purchased) season passes to snowboard, of course.

To avoid brutal ski traffic on a weekend morning, Tanner drove us out to Keystone last night and we slept under the stars! We traded our king sized bed at home for a night in Tanner’s beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee. As unenjoyable as that may sound, we’re self-proclaimed experts and have created a very legitimate set up after getting some car-camping experience. This DIY Jeep “bed” is perfect for a chill movie night, and comfortable enough to be enjoyable.

Here’s how we did it!

Step 1: We placed a panel mat to level out the “bed” and create a structure. Everyone has these, right?? Lol. A wool blanket would be a good substitute for this as well because it’s warm!

Step 2: Add a Mattress Pad on top of the first layer for more comfort. Air mattresses work, too!

Step 3: Add bedding! We took our stuff right off of our bed and placed it on top– pillows & all. Thanks to my sis, Alison for the comfy blanket! Extra cozy & warm over here.

Step 4: Stack up all of your necessities. We packed a little stove*/pot to boil water, a coffee press (we use this daily), change of clothes, mini cooler filled with snacks, an iPad with a previously downloaded movie/portable Bluetooth speaker, and battery operated string lights (not pictured)! *Note: Our stove requires butane.

Very important step 5 before adventure departure: Check the weather and plan your method of heating/air conditioning safely and appropriately. It was 1 degree outside last night, but we have this little (car safe) heater* that helps us stay warm without the Jeep running. *Note: Our heater requires propane.

Step 6: Drive to your nightly parking spot (in a camping permitted lot like ours, obviously).

Last step: Get cozy and bring your favorite snacks/drinks. We had breakfast & coffee on the mountain this morning from inside of the Jeep. The best part? Only a couple minutes of driving to Keystone and getting on the ski lift before 9:00 AM!

This was probably the snuggliest, easiest, and cheapest date we’ve ever been on. Our hearts are happy after plenty of cuddles, snowboarding, and love for this pretty world around us!!!

TY, Tanner for being so fun to do life with! 10/10 highly recommend this date!!


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