2019 NHSCC with V!ROC: A Recap & What’s In Store for the Future

After a couple of work trips, I finally feel like I’m back to my necessary catch-back-up-with-my-life day at home. This is the day I unpack, do laundry, get back to office work, and reflect on things that are important in my life.

Last week I learned a lot, I was surrounded by people I look up to, and I felt ALL of the emotions. The 2019 National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC) came to a close, and of course, went differently than we all imagined it would. I attended the event with V!ROC, Varsity’s Choreography brand– and although I didn’t have any teams/routines that I did last year, that will change for 2020!!

V!ROC has lead countless teams to success in their divisions; whether that success is defined by hit routines, aimed placements, or making history for school spirit programs at the most prestigious high school championship in all of cheerleading. V!ROC is comprised of many of the BEST choreographers in cheerleading, respectfully earning the tagline year after year, “Turning Competitors into Champions”.

I watched V!ROC create this magic first-hand with a team from Fort Collins, Colorado, who had never even made the final round at the championship, but ended up as the first ever national champions from the state! I saw them work hard at camp in June, receive a beautiful and well-thought out routine by their V!ROC Choreographer (I’m a fan girl over Bryce), practice good technique throughout the season, and return to Fossil Ridge High School having achieved their dreams!

I was able to work with so many good teams this year at UCA/V!ROC camps and continue to watch them grow throughout the year (Wantagh, Rock Canyon, St. Catherine’s, Douglas County, Warren Hills, Fishers, Smoky Hill, Pendleton Heights, Ursuline, Grandview, and Chaparral to name a few… even though there are many, many more). So, it was incredible seeing them achieve their greatness at the end of the season. They all taught me so much about the long journey in a cheerleading season and what it takes to come out on top.


Some teams did better than expected, others did not have their best weekend. Either way, it was a growing experience that I am thankful to have taken part in. Thinking forward to NHSCC 2020 has me soooo excited because *Exciting News* I am now doing choreography FULL TIME for V!ROC, an opportunity I’ve been itching to have for a while!!

Tomorrow is V!ROC’s official signing day for next year’s season, encouraging coaches to register/book a V!ROC Routine or Game Day Choreography session for their teams. Coaches can sign up, choose a choreographer, reserve dates, and even include music in their registration on varsity.com/vroc/register.

If you need an extra reason (other than maximizing your teams’ potential) to book with V!ROC, tomorrow is also my birthday and it would make me very, very, very happy to connect with new teams 🙂

I am so thankful to have experienced many great moments with coaches while watching athletes thrive in competition over the last week. It has been motivating witnessing greatness being created– I can’t wait to have many moments like this in the future!

Sign up for choreography on varsity.com/vroc/register!!!! We’ll be waiting to hear from you!

-V!ROC/almost birthday kait!!!


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