When You Need a Social Media Break

I’m pretty tired of social media right now. There’s too much of an emphasis on what is ideal to post and what will perform well for your friends. Instead of posting a ton lately, I have been focusing more on work, my relationship, and self-growth.

Reasons I hate social media:

  • I find myself comparing my life to others’ when I am already very happy
  • Bloggers/Influencers that follow you, then unfollow you once they get your follow back (it’s a technique used to get more followers and it’s really weird/rude)
  • Pictures in smaller clothing (crop tops/sports bras/bikinis) get more attention
  • Scrolling & liking has become a mindless habit and a waste of precious time

Isn’t this supposed to be fun? It feels more like a constant goal of keeping up with everyone else. How lame.

I’ve recently watched “The American Meme” on Netflix and it definitely pushed me further over the social-media-hating edge. The documentary takes a closer look on some of Instagram’s most successful people and how their lives are not all that they seem. You’re often defining their success based on half of the story.

So, I’ve been taking it easy. No need to compare myself, no pressure to post the right things. Kinda like life, we’re all figuring out what’s best. I’m planning on using my time to better myself, because I’ll be around longer than my Instagram!

How do you know if you need a mental break?

  • If you feel any type of jealousy, comparison, or stress caused by other people online, you need a break. Remember that you’re awesome.
  • If you have headaches from staring at your phone (especially before bed/right when you wake up), you need a break. Drink some water, too.
  • If you feel that social media (or blogging) is becoming more like work than a hobby, you need a break. Turn your phone off for a bit and explore in nature.
  • If you’re on any leisure app for multiple hours in a day, you need a break. Rediscover an unfinished goal and go after it with all of your new free time.
  • If your social media is a habit of distraction in your productivity, you need a break. Get more finished (or start making money from your phone).
  • If you just don’t feel like being online anymore because you are a human who needs fresh air, take a break!!! You know what’s good for you 😉

I’m not saying social media is all bad. It can be very fun and I appreciate the way it allows us to stay connected across the globe. However, I think we could all spend a little less time on social media and little more time bettering ourselves.


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