Finding My (Blogger) Identity

Happy Birthday,!!

60 written posts, 25,000+ views, 365 days of blogging. It has been a weird journey, but it has also become one of my favorite parts of life.

It’s difficult to establish a new identity after retiring from being an athlete. Everyone knows you by what you’ve done throughout your childhood and your age forces you to stop. I’m never not going to be “the cheerleader”, but as an adult, I needed to find what else I was.

I tried defining myself– because social media decided that we all need a niche to be successful– and that’s what I struggled with the most. I had trouble putting my adult self into one category because I’m not just a traveler, I’m not just a cheerleading teacher, I’m not just a work-from-home-in-colorado-employee.

Instead, I’ve gone with an idea that I’m an adventurer among other things. That’s the best I’ve come up with. Without even trying, this became an Adventure Blog.

We usually find adventure in experience and opportunity, but there are also great adventures in conquering adulthood. Paying your bills, getting married, having a bad travel day, going cliff jumping– they’re all some of life’s greatest adventures that I’m happy to embrace (& share on this website).

Luckily for me, I have a strong support system behind each adventure and blog. My boyfriend is my #1 supporter, photographer, motivation and hype man. I also have the most inspiring and supportive friends! Support gives me hope that this thing will be around for a while.


For all who are thinking to start a blog– don’t wait!! Begin this journey NOW and let me help– here are some tips I have after a year of blogging myself 🙂

  • Stay true to your brand, especially when promoting for others. I personally have (politely) declined promotions from all brands that I wouldn’t actually use– I want to keep my website genuine.
  • Find your focus/niche. It may change over time and that’s ok. This helps you find readers who like the same things you do– but just like people, your audience can change!
  • PROOFREAD WHAT YOU PUT ON THE INTERNET. Every blog you see of mine, I’ve seen a thousand times. Write a blog (or a bunch) and keep editing until you’re ready to post. Have a friend double check as well– you’re going to miss a few things!
  • Write a bunch of quick, back-up blogs as you come up with ideas. I usually have 10 drafts of blog ideas at any given moment.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers (even though I struggle with this often). Each blogger has a different goal and life. Wanting to be like others will only leave you feeling empty. Choose to focus on what you’re already grateful to have in your life!


I hope to keep creating a genuine collection of my writing throughout life. It helps me grow and I hope it can help other people, too.

Thank you to those who continue to share my adventures with me!

-adventure blogger ksex

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