A Quick Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

Over the thanksgiving holiday, I visited a new state!! My mom lives in Arizona, and my grandparents made it possible for me to spend 4 days exploring this cactus-filled, desert state with them!

What we did:

  • I’ve never been skydiving before, but we had a similar experience to it at iFly in Phoenix. We conquered skydiving body positions within a wind tunnel and took a virtual reality ride with actual footage from great skydivers.
  • We drove around downtown Phoenix– my grandma and I loved all of the murals.
  • I tried rattlesnake and cactus fries. They were both pretty good– definitely not a normal part of my diet from now on, though (Cactus is a vegetable).
  • After driving a couple hours to Sedona, we were a little late for the Pink Jeep Tours (tours end at 3 pm), but we still explored the shops and some red rocks! Next time I’m here I’d love to have a whole day in Sedona– it was super pretty.
  • I went to my mom’s band practice. She plays the bass and my grandparents were able to watch her perform after dropping me off at the airport.

*peep my mom wearing over the knee boots, thanks to Alison indirectly stating this rule* Other than the bullets above, we mostly caught up on normal life and ate some delicious food. You know, family holiday things.

Arizona is a beautiful place– I can see why my mom loves it so much. I’m glad to have spent this holiday with my mother & grandparents!!! Now, back to mountains that are covered in snow!



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