Lower-Calorie Cinnamon Rolls

If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you’d know that I am uncontrollably obsessed with cinnamon rolls. I can’t resist eating any and all in front of me.

This causes an issue when trying to be fit. I was floured to find out that each Pillsbury cinnamon roll is only 140 calories, but that wasn’t enough for me!

My secret to making my cinnamon rolls low(er) calorie:

Just burn the bottom!!!!! It’s so simple!

Turn that 140 calorie cinnamon roll into a 125 calorie cinnamon roll by not eating the burnt bottom.

I hope this helps other fit cinnamon roll lovers like me!!!!! The technique should work well with other various baked goods. Shoutout to Scottyb for the concept of the recipe/blog (because I ruin everything and this happens a lot).

-bakery chef ksex

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