What To Do on Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! Today is a time to honor the people who made/make the USA the land of the free. I get to wish BOTH of my parents a Happy Veterans Day today and thank them for the brave services they committed to for our country. How cool is that???

My dad served in the US Air Force before I was born. My mom was in the US Navy, took a break to become a mom (thank you), and then finished out her term. Talk about living up to high expectations.

This is my cute, little Navy mom… idk the man next to her… but Happy Veterans Day to you as well, sir!!!

Andddddd my Airforce dad!!!

I not only owe it to them to live a brave, fulfilled life, but also to be constantly reminded of how grateful I am to be here. Before creating a family, they chose to protect our country. That’s way cooler than anything I’ve ever done.

So, today, make sure to thank a veteran. Take a few moments to think about the sacrifices made by our military personnel and be truly grateful for all that you have as a result. Wish everyone you know a very HVD.

P.S. how freaking cute is my dad in his vet hat!



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