I feel that I fell into this work trap. Nobody EVER has a million Halloween costumes that they have to choose from. Everyone wants to think of something new, something clever, something innovative. So you ask the girl with a website to do the brainstorming for you. Can’t blame ya there, lol.

I didn’t want to show you a bunch of costumes I’ve already done (especially because they’re already on my blog, here) so here are some new ideas.

My initial inspiration included looking up emojis for normal objects/people in life that could be wearable. If you need an idea to start with– try looking through your emojis for costume ideas. They have a Robot, Alien, Clown, Police, Demon, Animals, Spy, Painter, Pilot, Astronaut, Vampire, Zombie, Fairy, Spider, Slug, Snowman, Dragon, and tons of other options!!! Ideas are right under your face & in between your palms. My friend, Scottyb has already compiled a few of these costumes and more– find the links to buy here!! If this isn’t creative enough for you, be a dead version of any of the above.

Now onto the hard work to uphold my blogger duties.

Costume creativity depends greatly on whether or not you’re inclined to choose a funny costume, a frilly costume, or, as we all know I like to do, a frightening costume. 3 different people can make one costume idea look very different, and most costumes are interchangeable. I tried to create some ideas for you based on each costume style!


Funny Costumes need props and a new, witty idea. This can often include dressing up as a common object, such as a loofah, fruit, or plant. Something weird that other people won’t think of.

This Cactus was easy to make, especially when you have lots of olive green in your closet. Just add some white pipe cleaners to an old sweater! I added a red scrunchie for the flower. Grab a few friends and you have yourself a set of succulents– so trendy!

Cereal Killer is a punny costume made by either wearing or dressing up as cereal, then adding a murder-esque accessory. You can’t go wrong with puns.

Each year there are a share of funny celebrity costumes. Pinterest said this year most people will be dressing up as either characters from Riverdale or Tonya Harding??? Be careful with this– the celebrity may leave the spotlight in the time it takes you to plan your costume.


Frilly Costumes are the sexy, cute, or pretty costumes of Halloween. Dress in something attractive, apply lots of makeup/eyelashes, add a simple accessory or two. Takes the least amount of effort and/or creativity. Great for the college kiddies.

A sexy bat or any other animal doesn’t really make any sense, but is still done year after year. I literally cut wings out of a tablecloth and drew on wings/fangs with eyeliner!

The frilly types of costumes are really easy if your boyfriend/girlfriend is on the same page. Adam & Eve can be made with fake leaves and an apple, but only if you’re planning on staying inside.

You can also be something cute and frilly like a cupcake or a unicorn. This is a perfect time to wear sprinkles/glitter, a tutu, and a candle/horn on your head.


Frightening Costumes are done mostly with makeup and special effects. Check out one of my old blog posts, “How to Always Have a Creative Costume” for more DIY inspiration.

This Grim Reaper is a common costume with a twist. Everyone’s seen the skull makeup a thousand times? Wear a robe with a hood (or your boyfriend’s), do any interpretation of skeleton makeup, carry a grim reaper spear (not pictured), and now you’re 10x more creative than every other sugar skull/skeleton outfit walking around.

Going along with this theme– I was thinking of being a scary Jack-O-Lantern this year, until Tanner suggested turning the idea into a scarecrow, since they often have pumpkin heads! Who knew combining ideas would work out so well?? We actually might do this one still!

You can also just pick any easy costume you’ve already done (or an example like the ones above) and make yourself dead. When I was Zombie Barbie I dressed up like all of my Barbie friends and then added the gore.


I hope you guys appreciate the creativity in this post because it definitely took the longest to brainstorm/create. If you have an idea inspired through this post, I’d love to hear about it!! Send me pictures of your costumes or message me to let me know.

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Hi Kaitlyn, I just wanted to say hi here in the comments as I tried to get in touch with you before for a collab but never heard anything back from you. If you’re open to collabs I’d love to hear from you. You’re more than welcome to write directly to me on emily@blogerize.com – even if you’re not interested. All the best xx


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