Paying Off Horrible Student Loans Without Being Miserable

No matter the amount of debt… paying off student loans/expensive debt is terrible for EVERYONE. The student loans are only getting worse for each graduating class.

Disclaimers: 1. This post is long, sorry 2. I’m not sure if it’s dangerous to share my debt details or not?? I’m guessing not, because I am definitely not worth robbing 3. Please keep comments to yourself about refinancing– I’ve already attempted consolidating many, many times. Unless you want to consolidate them yourself, then hiiiiiii!!!!!

Being completely honest here… I’m on a 15 year repayment plan since graduating in 2015 and my interest rates are borderline sadistic. In Personal Student Loans, I pay $1,600 per month (ihy Sallie Mae). In Federal Student Loans, I pay another $250. In total: I pay $1,850 a month in student loans. I wish I were kidding.

I initially wrote this blog with good intentions, telling you that attitude is everything. I do believe in this idea fully, because I still live a happy life with $200,000 of debt, but being real– I can’t fool anyone saying I have it all together.

Paying bills can get HARD. That’s being an adult. It is pretty baller of me when I pay these loans back each month, but sometimes I fall behind! I can’t always afford food without my credit card, I borrow money, and I definitely haven’t been able to schedule the dental/vision work I’ve needed for years.

I don’t come from a family who has lots of extra money laying around, my parents had their own education finances and helped as much as they could. It’s OK– this taught me how to understand the value of money in a way that a lot of my peers can’t comprehend. A big part of growing up is realizing that other people are not going to feel bad for you or fix anything for you. It’s not anyone’s job to take care of you past age 18– not even your parents. By all means, ask for advice, but find solutions on your own (or at least realize if you’re fortunate and be overly thankful for people helping you out). That’s how you grow up.

I hardly EVER know how I’ll make the money to pay my crazy debt each month, I cry a lot, and I get down on myself fairly often– but as an adult, I understand that there is no alternative. I have to work extra and spend less. I do not allow myself to stay afraid/anxious and I make a new plan as needed. Being an adult means ALWAYS being in hustle mode, remembering that one day I will be debt free!

Normal Q: “But, Kaitlyn– how do you stay so positive all the time? I just couldn’t do it.”

Normal A: I mean… Am I going to sulk for 15 years? No. I’m going to make sure that I still live a happy life, because money does not control my happiness regardless of the stress. Getting to do life with the person I love the most, traveling, being active, living in Colorado… yeah, those are the things I want to focus on.

If this situation is familiar to you, please remember that it’s in your control to react positively or negatively to your problems, but they are not going to vanish on their own. Instead of being sad when you’re broke, focus on how great you are for finishing out your bachelor’s (or better!) degree and drive to be a better boss lady/man!!

And when I pay off my debt by 2030? I’m going to buy my 2016 World Championship ring that I couldn’t afford & a big, pretty house. I’ll even try to be responsible and get my dental/vision work done on time.

You have the choice to live a fulfilled life even with all of the adult scaries thrown your way.

-financial role model kait

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