Top Choices for Late Night Snacks

Warning: the post below will make your mouth salivate and your tummy rumble. Let it inspire you for the latest of your weekend plans.

Tanner and I are the King & Queen of late night snacks. We eat the best desserts almost every night because we always deserve it. The treats range depending on your mood, but are mostly sweet (and all very quick!!!). Here are our top 5!

1. Baked Goods, including but not limited to: Cinnamon rolls (I have no self control with these), brownies, cookies, chocolate-filled croissants. Luckily I’m a natural baker.

2. Cereal. Right now we’re eating Count Chocula bc October, duh!! Milk also serves an added bonus of a refreshing (sometimes chocolatey) finale.

3. Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt. I usually get Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike Bars or Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Frozen Yogurt. Try not to buy these every day– we have been avoiding pints of ice cream/froyo because it can get pricey.

4. Edible Cookie/Brownie Dough is great before bed. I found this one at our local grocery store. This cookie dough is specifically for eating by the spoonful– do not go eat regular cookie dough and blame me if you get salmonella!!!!!!

5. Candy (must have large quantity) as a last result– Giant Kit Kat bar for T and probably Reese’s Pieces or Candy Corn for K. Beware of tummy aches, but then again Halloween makes candy inhalation ok.

I asked men in my house for their favorite midnight munchies as well. Tanner’s bonus answer: English Muffins topped with honey???? I didn’t know that he does this after I fall asleep??? Mason, Tanner’s little brother, said he likes cheesecake.

Happy snacktime!!!! I hope this post made you hungry!


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