What My Best Friend Taught Me

My best friend’s name is Alison Fleece. She lives in New York and knows everything. She has a masters degree but was smart before that. She takes really good care of herself and her future.

Alison always told me the things I should’ve known to do but never held myself responsible for. She definitely gives trustworthy advice. We’re self-proclaimed sisters because we only have brothers. I’m 3 months older, but she’s definitely the mature sis. In Alison I trust. I mean it– I text her every single day asking a new question or for advice. She’s like the all seeing sister that I never had, but with the added bonuses of sarcastic sassiness & really nice hair.

Alison says:

Put lotion on your face/body every single day. (I obviously didn’t do this until I moved to Colorado where the elevation/dryness will legitimately make your skin crack open..)

The stair machine at the gym is a fun, ideal workout.

You can’t wear white pants after Labor Day. You can’t go out in leggings. You can’t wear high boots nowadays unless they’re over your knee… She always updates me on what I shouldn’t wear.

Have your nails done. Stop walking around with chipped manicures.

Wash your face before bed. (Didn’t start doing this until I realized that every night with makeup on is basically a guaranteed breakout??)

You should go to the doctor regularly.

If you want your hair to be thick and feel super great you should buy some/use castor oil. I don’t know what this entails because I did not follow her advice to get it, but Jenn & Sam, our other very best friends, have stated only good reviews.

And lastly, no matter what situation you’re in, good or bad– it is what it is. You’ll be alright.

Thanks for the endless advice, sis


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