Last week, I asked for requests of what the people want to see on I received a lot of great requests that I’ll try to finish out in the next week… but the first one had to be, “why did the chicken cross the road?”.

If I put myself in the chicken’s position, I guess we’re not all that different. The chicken crossed the road kinda like I crossed the country. I left my east-coast home in New York a few years ago and ended up across the country toward the west-coast. I bet the chicken and I shared the same fear of the unknown, but exploration got the best of us.

A year into living in Colorado (YAY 1-year home anniversary), I can say that moving away from home was the BEST decision I’ve made. I could only hope the chicken feels the same way about their journey.

I truly believe that EVERYONE should take a leap at some point in their lives and leave the home they know & love. You can always move back, but you’re missing endless opportunities if you don’t explore somewhere new. There are so many different cultures and environments that may fit you better. You discover what you do/do not like (i.e. humidity). You grow as a person and become an independent adult.

Most importantly, crossing into the unknown gives you the chance to grow. You begin to understand that anything you want is attainable. You want to change your life? You can!!! I pinky promise!

This probably wasn’t the answer my friend was looking for, but this is actually my best advice to anyone who might read my website. Stay tuned for blogs this week that are completely request-based!!! My friends are so weird.

Move away! Change your life! Be happy!!

-ksex (not a chicken but pretty close)

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