New T-Shirts, Thanks to Supportive Friends

I started designing t-shirts with mostly myself in mind. I wanted more black t-shirts for cheap and doodling is my favorite. I never would have guessed that so many of my friends would get my shirts as well! *Surprise at the end of this post*

It’s cool that I get to match them– but it’s cooler that they all supported something I like to do in the process.

Many of my friends own more than one of my shirts and I’m telling a genuine truth that I feel so grateful for that. How cool are they!!!! (If I missed ya, just send me a picture of you in your shirt & I will add you to my blog!)

Side note– it seems “Dead Inside” & “I Love You to Death” are the best sellers. You guys are so morbid 🙄

With that being said….



I have updated my “shirts” page with NEW shirts, HALLOWEEN shirts, as well as keeping the CLASSIC shirts accessible always!! I’ll be getting more in the near future!


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