Colorado Workout: Conquering the Manitou Incline

A bucket list item for many– the Manitou Incline is considered an advanced hike located in Colorado Springs. I can confidently agree that this hike was very, very advanced.

Climbing 2,000 ft in less than a mile, I assure you that this 2,744 step climb was not an easy one (a lot of people used their hands to climb up). With an ascension that reaches up to 68% incline, it takes a climber an average of 50 minutes to reach the top. Usually I’d think I’m in decent shape, but it took me forever. I was not ready. But I’m also not a quitter.

The climb was rough, but getting to check off something new is always worth it!! Not to mention I had motivation following this guy to the top 🙂

We came! We saw! We conquered! We cupied!

-mountain climber ksex

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