Baby Steps into Healthier Eating

We’re not the vegans, the vegetarians, the fit super idols that can live without carbs. We’re the ones who order chicken tenders & fries because they’re safe. We like what we like and we see no point in trying new things. We are the picky eaters, and as much as I loved having similar sodium/carb/sugar-filled meals for most of my life, 25 years old seemed like a good time to stop being so darn picky.

*Disclaimer: I love my vegan friends and am proud of your lifestyle.

Examples of my old diet: Ramen Noodles. Every single kind of candy. Ice cream. Pasta with all of the cheese & sauce. Bread sticks or biscuits or bagels. 2 gallons of skim milk a week. Lots of chips. Lots of Fast Food, even more Chinese Take-Out. Mostly snacks & desserts.

Examples of my new diet: Beginner Seafood aka Tuna/Sushi/Poke. Greek Yogurt. Wheat pasta with less cheese or bread. Kiwis & bananas & apples & berries. Flavored Rice Cakes!! Bagels (just less often). Grilled Chicken instead of Fried Chicken/Chicken Nuggets. Less ice cream and candy, too.

I am not going to tell you how to eat or diet. I am not going to preach a healthy lifestyle because I am far from my goals of what is an ideal diet. Everyone is different, but I know a lot of us are simply trying to be better.

The baby steps that have been working well for me– becoming aware of unhealthy cravings and replacing them with smarter choices. Since I LOVE sweets, it would be unrealistic to completely omit them in attempts to be healthier. I would fail. Instead, I am driven by motivation of more selective sweets, because I have an opportunity to be better.

With this being said, I am realistic about slowly progressing. Tanner and I still have sweets almost every night, but only because we are constantly exercising and making better food choices throughout the day. Making good choices allows for rewards– and therefore, consistency!

When you never grew out of those childish eating habits (guilty), you often feel stuck. I’m just getting started on a healthy journey; It’s OK if it takes longer than others! One thing is for sure, though, WE CAN ALL IMPROVE! WE CAN ALL MAKE BETTER CHOICES.

Some quick tips that help you make better food choices:

  • Always have fruit in the house. It’s practically nature candy. Some people say to stay away from eating too much fruit, and then I respond with how much candy I used to snack on during the day. Everyone can agree I am making an effort.
  • Eliminate Fast Food by making your own lunch & dinner. Tanner and I love to pick a favorite food (like an orange chicken meal from Panda Express) and create a simpler, cleaner version of it from the grocery store. Pinterest makes this easy, laziness is a dumb excuse, and you’ll save a ton of money!
  • Practice trying new foods because that’s what adults do (this is difficult for picky/plain appetites). Your taste buds completely change after a few years. The more foods you like, the more flexibility you have to enjoy healthy choices.
  • Drink more water!!! (Says the girl living 5,000 ft in elevation). I like water best with ice and a slice of lemon. Drinking a lot of water doesn’t have to be a chore.
  • Find what motivates you– whether it’s an ideal image, a feeling, or– like me– a lifetime goal to constantly improve. When you create a goal, good choices are easy!

Enjoy & keep encouraging your own better lifestyle!

-healthy ksex (lol never thought that would ever be a thing)

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