One of Those Inspiring Days

You know… the productive ones? The adventurous ones? The memorable ones that leave you inspired to be better? Today has been a long one for me (actually a 36 hour day because I haven’t really slept yet), starting off active and ending with a flight out to a work trip. I wanted to extend inspiration for a productive day while my momentum is still going. Happy Monday!

We woke up Sunday morning and immediately drove to Copper Mountain, Colorado. We (Tanner, his brother, his mother, and myself) took some bicycles (garage sale bikes–highly recommend the easy investment) to a downhill 6-mile hike. It was a great time!

Inspiration that doesn’t cost much: check out a garage sale and get an outdoorsy adventure machine for yourself!! Tanner surprised me with this bike earlier this summer!

We explored a little bit before I had to leave for a work trip later in the night. Tanner’s mom and I are into cave hunting now (not really but maybe). Bikes and caves. Sounds like a great time, every time.

Inspiration to live your life: Find or learn something new today, explore a different place! You won’t regret it.

I am now on my, quite possibly, shortest work trip of all time. I flew out of Colorado at 11:35 PM for a redeye to NJ landing at 5 AM and am returning home tomorrow night. Although my tailbone is aching after 4 months of sitting/sleeping upright on a plane, this is my final camp of the summer– I’m almost done!

Inspiration for work: Women who hustle in work are proven to be awesome. Keep working whenever you have an opportunity. Go unleash your own girl boss!

Hopefully you feel inspired to have a successfully productive day/week. I know I do after starting mine like this!

I promise to be blogging regularly again in the next couple weeks. Send me topic requests if you have some! I have some exciting things coming soon 🖤


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