We’ve Moved Again!

Don’t worry… we’re still in Colorado. We’ve just moved a little closer to the mountains. I am forever in love with Colorado and now, our new (temporary) place in Highlands Ranch!

Moving came with exceptional timing– our lease ended and a couple of our friends relocated. It worked out better for everyone when they let us rent out their home. This place is seriously like a decor magazine. The homeowners did an incredible job!

Here’s my (our) first attempt at an interior decor blog featuring a mini photo tour of the new bedroom/bath we get to live in.

The only unlucky part is that I was traveling during the move and couldn’t help out much.

Therefore, Tanner gets ALL of the decor credit. Not only did he decorate our new bedroom while I was gone, he also bought us this dreamy king-sized bed along with new bedding. I had always wanted a king (Tanner also probably appreciates the extra bed space he invested in… lol) so I am feeling like the luckiest girlfriend!!!

Next, matching walk-in closets. And also a little bench on a window where you can see mountains in the distance.

The bathroom is great, too. I’ve always wanted to have two sinks!! And, of course, cute little photo frames to look at when I brush my teeth (thanks, T).

“That side is yours” 🖤

I’m obsessed with this place and never want to leave this room. OR THIS BATH (pictured below). The shower is cool too (too difficult to photograph).

Thank you for moving us around when needed and letting me live in a cool dream bedroom, Tanner!!! I love you & our lives!


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