Dealing with Long Distance

I wanted to name this post, “how to not be sad all the time when you’re in a long distance relationship with the person you love the most…” but, dealing with it is a pretty good summary of how it feels to handle this type of situation.

I get asked often about how to deal with a long distance relationship because it’s something Tanner and I have worked through a bunch. I’d say that it’s bearable only when you learn to accept the situation and constantly remind yourself that your person is worth the struggle of distance.

Tanner and I started our relationship with a year and a half of long distance (New York & Texas/Tennessee & Louisiana) before moving in together. I also left this past May to travel for 3-4 months without him, forcing us into distance yet again. Yes, it has been terribly lonely at times (especially because I’ve never worked this job without him), but Tanner is constantly reassuring me of the focus we are putting on our future when faced with this circumstance.

We manage well in distance because there was never a question asking if it would be worth it. We weren’t naturally people who would be willing to be in a long distance type of thing– but the situation chose us and we retaliated by working through it.

Some days are harder than others. Sometimes you’re in different time zones and sleeping patterns make communicating tricky. Sometimes FaceTime doesn’t have a strong enough connection for a call. Sometimes you’ll just get upset because you so badly want to share your life experiences with the one you love the most.

I’ll probably always cry every time Tanner drops me off at the airport. It never gets easier saying goodbye for weeks at a time. What helps us in this negative moment– the light at the end of the tunnel! We both remind each other that there’s only a little bit of time left apart. We count down the days and focus on how happy we’ll be once the distance passes.

I feel that it’s important to be grateful for the strong bond that distance creates. Besides that “distance makes the heart grow fonder” quote, we really do have a deep appreciation for every minute we get to spend together and gratitude for how our lives have grown in the same direction. Years into our relationship, we value nothing more than each other’s time!

I’m the luckiest girl in the world having Tanner as my person. He makes me a better woman that is so happy to live this life.

To the friends I have that are going through the same thing (or who are about to), I am here for you and always will be. You are all so strong and help me look toward the positive side of all of this!!

Missing you lots, TL 🍌


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