Last Week Might Have Changed My Life

Traveling so much is tough. I miss home. I miss sleeping in a comfortable bed rather than a dorm, I miss living out of a closet rather than a suitcase. I’m on week 10/16 of my consistent summer travels… close to the end, but still with so much longer to go.

Due to my blog slowing down, I never mentioned how thankful I have become for my co-workers. Last week I experienced conflicting emotions of fierce anger about what I believe in and also overwhelming joy for what I have around me. Before our time in Texas, I felt as if my fate had been decided as a result of my decisions– I was complacent with where I ended up. Moving forward, my friends have made me feel like I have limitless potential.

The staff built each other up the moment someone seemed discouraged and also celebrated every tiny victory along the way. It was so inspiring! Whether I was stressed or successful, my co-workers made sure I felt empowered, important, and genuinely thankful to be around amazing (but humble) people.

This group is full of a new generation of teachers, but they display a different level of focus and encouragement. Everyone respects each other’s differences and genuinely feels happiness in the success of others. We constantly learn from each other and do the coolest tricks when we broaden our understanding.

We also had some fun (even though some think we’re not that fun comparatively…) hitting demo routines, floating rivers, and exploring the weird city of Austin, Texas!

I am thankful for the people I’ve worked with. Experiencing this type of encouragement changed my mentality in life. With your friendship I’ll be more ambitious, believe in myself to do great things, and remember that there’s ALWAYS going to be someone who has my back.

Family on 3. I feel like such a lame sap.

Dead body, dead body.

-Positive Polly

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