Houseboat Vacation: 10/10 Highly Recommend

I think it’s important to take vacations in a place very different from where you live. Going to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas is the perfect place for a mid-summer trip– it’s our group’s annual Fourth of July vacation!

Our vacation consists of renting a 14 person Presidential Houseboat from and anchoring onto a tiny island on a lake for 4 days. It’s our favorite weekend of the year!

What makes this trip so fun:

Tradition. This is the second time we’ve had this trip and we all plan on coming back for holiday weekends to come.

Decorations. We brought hanging lights and banners for the top of our boat! We always bring some flags as well.

Floaties. Some of us brought extravagant floats and some were simple. All were respectively awesome.

Party/Dress Up Themes. Our daily themes were: Throwback, America, and Egyptian. We had a lot of fun with it.

Being in swimsuits and fun hairstyles all day. Also not having to get ready because nobody cares what you look like here.

The Arkansas scenery. You can’t know if there will be beautiful sunsets/views when you book your trip, but Fern Gully (as we call it) never disappoints.

People that make us the happiest. That’s the best part of the whole trip, of course. The people you love (and the ones who bring all of the best foods).

Until next year!!!


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