I’m Not a Fashion Blogger

But my cute, little, New York bestie is!!!

Andrea Ramdeen, known by her fashion blog, Styled.bysimone, went to Hofstra University the same time I did. We met in our PR classes and instantly started bonding over being shorter than everyone else.

When you’re from New York, its expected that you have at least a little sense of following fashion trends. Although I can’t say I’m very fashionable as a person (its hard when you don’t feel comfortable in anything but black/grey), I am lucky to have fashion-forward friends to keep me from looking like a mess. (Or at least laughing at me when I am the mess lol)

Andrea IS that friend– we’ve kept in touch since graduating a few years ago even after I left New York. We talk about all the things… From daily attire, to getting married, to blogging, to all of our future goals/dreams!!

Luckily, I get to visit NY sometimes and see her. Last time I was around, we met up with another friend, Sabrina, and Andrea’s incredible photographer friend, Darien!

Although I won’t be sharing cute fashion trends and sick deals with my friends/readers, Andrea is an incredible fashion blogger for petites!!! She’s also complete hair goals with her long, dark locks. What an inspiration.

You can follow Andrea on Instagram @andreabysimone and check out her blog!! All photos above are shot/edited by the talented @darienmaginn!

Keep it fashionable for those of us who can’t do it on their own!!!


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