Gel vs. Dip: Update

My last post on manicures, Dip vs. Gel: An Ongoing Dilemma, started more in-person conversations than any other blog I’ve written. A lot of my friends were having the same debate in choosing between newer styles of manicures. I’ve since assumed the responsibility of becoming an investigator of this dilemma: Gel Manicures vs. Dip Manicures.

The decision: Dip. Including a photo featuring my current ombré dip manicure that I’m mildly obsessed with.

The investigation: I struggled between chunky/painful dip manicures and gel manicures that chip after a week. I can’t seem to maintain gel with my crazy lifestyle, so I face the inevitable result of destroying my nails when picking off the remainder of the polish. Dip manicures force me to maintain the manicure for 3+ weeks because the rock-hard powder doesn’t chip as easily. Therefore, a Dip Manicure is more realistic financially because it will last longer than a Gel Manicure. For anyone doing as many reckless activities as I am, dip is your best bet in being chip-free.

My friend, Kristen, also is a fan of the dip manicures. *refer to matching manicures above*

My advice for choosing dip manicures–

  • Find an experienced nail technician for doing dip!!! There is too much drill work to risk not having an expert.
  • My favorite technicians only put on 2 layers of dip. Feel free to ask your nail tech to make the manicure as thin as possible.
  • If a nail breaks, avoid touching it before getting to your next appointment. The dip is strong enough to maintain the shape even with cracks.
  • File down corner chips yourself so they don’t catch on anything/chip more!

Added bonus if you’re not ready to switch: My friend (an experienced nail tech) Cody’s tips for gel manicures–

  • Make sure the nail tech gets all the cuticle off of your nails. When the polish touches the cuticle it lifts and it will eventually peel off.
  • Make them do double base and top coat! (Thin coats). This will make the gel polish last longer!
  • Make sure they seal the tip of the nail.
  • Always inspect your nails before they apply the top coat! If the polish look blotchy.. make them do a 3rd coat!
  • Always leave a good tip or they might refuse to do your nails again.

My nails have been looking “fire” lately 🔥

Nail Investigator Sexton calling off duty for now~


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