Walking out of baggage claim at the Denver International Airport to the Colorado air, with 0% humidity, to my smiling boyfriend picking me up makes my heart the happiest!

I am so thankful to be traveling all over for a few months. But, living out of a suitcase away from loved ones is something that gets exhausting early on. This is especially the case when a long-distance relationship is all too familiar (and sucky).

Luckily, I get my share of T-Time (T is short for Tanner, obviously) in Colorful Colorado between most of my travel trips, and I’ve also had opportunities to go to New York a few times this year already! Seeing my boyfriend, best friends, and family is always something I cherish.

This may not relate to many people (right now) being summer, but I am feeling extra grateful for the few days I’m not on a work trip.

Feeling down? Visit home.

Need a laugh? Visit home.

Feeling stressed? Visit home.

Unmotivated or needing a refresher? Visit home.

Feeling overwhelmed or alone? Visit home.

Need a nap? Visit home.

Have some free time? Visit home.

Home home home home HOME is my favorite. I am forever grateful for visits home even for a couple of days. This is basically a post solely for expressing gratitude for home and for Tanner, aka the best & most thoughtful boyfriend ever.

After coming from New York earlier this week, I was able to spend a refreshing 48 hours in Colorado with my favorite person. Life is good!

I’m so THANKFUL to have visited NY and now to be home with my tall man. My heart is full. 🖤


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