How to Always Have a Creative Costume

We dress up a lot at my job. It’s a fun hobby the employees all enjoy and most people get VERY into it. In most cases, we have a theme given to us and are expected to be creative in choosing our attire.

The way to always assure creativity: choose a sub-theme that you can keep for all of the themes given to you. My sub-theme is death (or at least something scary). I really enjoy getting crazy reactions at the themed parties because of it. When you’re a little, smiley cheerleader during the day, it makes being a nightmare after work SO much more fun.

Here are some examples of how to turn a generic theme into something creative… starting with my very first & ending with my latest!

Theme: Under The Sea

Costume: Angler Fish

Theme: ABC’s (My letter was “O”)

Costume: Owl

Theme: Circus

Costume: Sad Clown

Theme: Board Games

Costume: Ouija Board

Theme: Greek Night

Costume: Dead Lambs to be prepared for gyros 😋

Theme: At the Zoo

Costume: Zoo Visitor Attacked by a Bear

Theme: Halloween (not really a theme but still fun)

Costume: Broken Dolls

Theme: Also Halloween but for Couples

Costume: Joker & Harley Quinn

Theme: Redneck

Costume: Hunted Deer

Theme: Barbies

Costume: Zombie Barbie

I think the Zombie Barbie is my personal favorite/best. All looks (and friends’ looks) are done by me with Red/Black Lipstick, Black/White Eyeliner, and Black Eyeshadow. Also rolling your eyes makes a great visual for dead things.



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